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Meanwhile, back in the lab, Mia is confirming that she will never, ever favor the same coffee shop Jesse does, because there were two DNA contributions on the lip, "which means that your coffee shop recycles, and not in the good way." And it was a paper cup. If that isn't an argument to tote your own container everywhere, I don't know what is. And then the news gets even grimmer: neither of the contributions matches the semen, so it looks like Gil won't be beating down the Tangiers' door with an arrest warrant just yet. Sara wonders, "If Acheson didn't rape Sue Stein, what is his print doing on the sheet?"

Cut to Acheson saying, "Well, I certainly didn't kill anyone. Got some Cheetos?" I'm kidding about the Cheetos part. And then he drawls, "Ah dew naht know hahw mah finguhprint got theyah." Sara says slowly. "We don't think that you did rape or kill anyone. We simply want to know how your fingerprint ended up in a murder scene five years ago." Then Brass steps in to play Bad Cop: "Look, Jesse, we appreciate you coming in here voluntarily, but if you clam up, we're going to have to file an obstruction of justice charge and that's not good…for you." Jesse decides to tell them what he was doing in Sue Stein's room: "Ah did go to see Sue that naght." Cut to a flashback of Jesse entering through the patio door, whispering her name and ordering, "Come on, girl. Wake up." He rolls her over, gets a handful of blood for his trouble, and decides to take off. "You just took off? You didn't bother to report a murder?" Sara asks. Jesse says, "Ma'am, Ah got a rehcuhd. And I was on probation. If Ah'd have done all that, Ah'd have been suspect numero uno." Brass is all, "I grow tired of pussyfooting around. You were her dealer, weren't you?" Jesse admits, "That's whah she left the doahr unlocked. We'd been doin' it that way for yeahs. Whenevah Sue came to town, I always took cahr of huh. I'm really sorreh. She was my friend. Ah wish Ah could be more help." Well, he certainly is the politest felon Sara and Brass have dealt with in a while. One wonders exactly what the marital dialogue is like at home with that snap-jawed lady to whom he's currently plighted his troth.

And now, time for yet another donnybrook between Nicky and Cavaliere. In this scene, Cavaliere bears an uncanny resemblance to Latino pop sensation Marc Anthony, so it's amazing he's able to stand there without Emergency Backup David trying to poke him in the liver with a meat thermometer while David the coroner snaps on the latex gloves and gets out his favorite body-cutting saw. And in this scene, Nicky points out that all he's trying to do is eliminate all the other possible suspects before they go marching a 14-year-old boy off to a sleepover with the neo-Nazis.

Nicky and Cavaliere then bury the hatchet long enough to interview Walter, whom someone has wrestled into an orange jumpsuit. Too bad that someone couldn't also summon the strength to apply a conditioning treatment and a weed trimmer to Walter's hair. We establish that Walter merely found the sweater on a park bench by the basketball courts and, he barks, "I was cold!" Cavaliere's all, "If you're lying…" What are you going to do, Cavaliere? Threaten to use phrenology to determine his guilt? Throw him in a river to see if he floats? So long as you're using discredited interrogation technologies, why not make it colorful? Walter insists he's not lying, and tells the boys he doesn't remember when he found the sweater. A confused Walter is then led to lockup. Cavaliere's all, "I got a signed confession. You got a bum in a bloody sweater. What are you going to do about it?" Nicky's going to be all, "Clearly, there is no pointing out the merits of eliminating reasonable doubt to a pinhead like you."

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