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Anyway, in the scene, Nicky explains, "Right now, your son's under investigation…the detective asked him if he wanted a parent or advocate present at the interrogation. He's 14 years old, so it's his right to say no." Martin Hawkins protests that Matt's just a kid and only got a C+ in social studies, so it's not like he even grasps his rights. Or something like that. Yvonne Hawkins protests, "Matt's sensitive. He doesn't handle stress well. If we could just talk to him…he may need a change of clothes." Warrick has to look away, with an expression like, Days like this, I wonder why I didn't find a job petting kittens or something. Nicky cannily establishes that those clothes in the washer were Matt's, and promises to try and bring him a fresh change. Warrick's all, "Hi there -- topic. Homeless guy?" Yvonne alleges that "He's nuts. He scared the boys once or twice --" "How did he scare them?" Warrick asks, and Martin says that Ty caught the homeless guy writing "Brat" on the window, and "I chased him away, Matt cleaned off the window." And that explains the shoe impressions outside the window. Yvonne goes into a fit of remorse over not calling the cops on the homeless guy, and Martin tells Warrick that he sees the homeless guy's camp in the park that he jogs through every evening.

Cut to a bazillion cops rousting the homeless guy out of a sound sleep inside his makeshift shelter. Walter is not one of those people who snaps awake in the blink of an eye. As he's hauled out by two cops, Nicky's got his Toughskins on and he's all interrogative with, "Hey! What's your name!" The homeless guy, under the impression that it's polite to answer a question the same way in which it's delivered, shouts, "My! Name! Is! Walter!" Nicky then "asks," "Walter. That's a nice blue sweater! Where'd you get it!!" And it is a nice sweater -- except for the huge blood spray across the front. That's an unfortunate accessorizing choice in this context. Walter's wondering why he was rousted out of a sound sleep to talk fashion: "What?!" Nicky says, "I said I liked your sweater! Where'd you get it!" "It's mine! Yes! This is my sweater!" Walter replies. Warrick laconically inquires as to whose blood is on the sweater, and Walter has no idea where this is going. "We're going to give you a nice warm place to sleep tonight," he adds. Because Walter's getting arrested on suspicion of murder. Walter tries to make a break for it, but is quickly subdued. As he screams and flails on the ground, pummeled by cops, Nicky's all, "Take it easy on the sweater! It's evidence." Nice.

And now, a word about Walter. If I didn't know that was Wil Wheaton, I wouldn't have guessed. He's convincing enough as a homeless guy to fit in with any of the regulars that used to hang out in Multimedia Gulch. I had avoided reading his weblog entries about shooting this show, because I didn't want them to influence how I received his performance, but now that I've seen him, I am all about sending you here and here. He provides a pretty lively look at how the CSI sausage is made.

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