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And now, time for another installment of Can't the Swing Shift Get Along With ANYBODY? Nicky heads over to tell Cavaliere that there's not enough evidence to hold Matt Hawkins, but Cavaliere's all, "What? You mean I can't hold Matt even after he produced a signed confession? In! Your! Face! In! Your! Face!" Cavaliere smugly tells Nicky, "Sort of kicks the crap out of your evidence now, doesn't it? You and your witch science can burn in the clean fire of rapture now!" Or something like that. Nicky inquires as to whether Matt signed in the blood pouring from his split lip following Cavaliere's beat-down. Cavaliere's all, "No. I used science. I merely held a burning cigarette to his arm. It turns out my hypothesis was true: teenaged killers really hate fire." Or maybe Cavaliere just uses another equally spurious type of "scientific" test: a computer voice stress analyzer. Nicky points out that the device has been discredited for years, and Cavaliere shoots back that the internet tells him it's not. Dude, the internet should never be your primary source for anything. Except entertainment, maybe. Nicky asks if Matt had his parents or an advocate present, and Cavaliere's all, "Hey. He had a week of Constitutional studies in his social studies class before moving on to the XYZ affair. The kid knew what he was getting into." Ladies and gentlemen, your next attorney general! Nicky's all, "Did you at least find out why he killed his brother?" Cavaliere's all, "No. I ran out of lit cigarettes. Got a pack I can borrow?" And then he condescends to Nicky. Nicky narrows his eyes, as if he's thinking, At last, a new target for my formless, pent-up rage.

When we get back from commercials, Brass is busy telling Gil he can't toss Jesse's room at the Tangiers because a) the manager won't let him in without a search warrant, and b) the judge is not exactly inclined to give him one. Gil promises to handle the judge, then asks Brass, "Could you just keep [Jesse] under surveillance for now? And take Grasshopper, My Number Three Adopted Son along. He might learn something." "I'll get him a bag of doughnuts," Brass promises. Oh, Brass. Don't be so spendy. I'm sure Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three would be just as happy with a Happy Meal.

Yay! It's Warrick! He spent the first 34 minutes allegedly "testifying," and tells Nicky in the locker room, "I ran into the D.A. He filled me in on your case. Looks like Matt Hawkins' confession is going to stand up in court." Nicky says, "Suspects are tricked into confessing all the time, but I'm telling you, Cavaliere intimidated that boy. Man, he would have signed anything." Warrick asks if Nicky thinks Matt's innocent. Nicky's not discounting it, but he'd like to eliminate all the other possibilities before declaring Matt guilty. He had checked the crime stats for the neighborhood and noticed "there's some homeless guy out there running around, peeping in windows, urinating on stuff, attempted B&E." "Sounds like a suspect," Warrick says. "I'm going to go out there and see if the Hawkins[es] know anything about it," Nicky replies. Warrick offers to help out, 'cause he's a pal.

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