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One tough mother

However, by the time we return, we're in Dr. Dino's office, Gil's recovered from whatever fantasies he had of a lingerie-clad Sara sitting on a pillow and reading Billy Budd to him, and returned to his usual state: staring contemptuously at whomever happens to be in his line of sight. Dr. Dino's reading the letters I assume Sara found tucked behind the desk. The first one: "Dearest angel, I think of you wherever I go. You are my prince. I miss you. Write to me. Your only love, Mother." Then Dr. Dino shudders in disgust before resuming: "Another one… 'It rained today. I thought of that time when you and I got caught in that storm at the lake. The fire…I came home and made your favorite dinner. I even set a place for you'…so on and so forth." Sara manages to recover first: "That…does not sound maternal to me." That would be because it's not. "Incest," Gil says grimly. Dr. Dino concurs, "Fully consummated. Mother/son incest is rare, deeply pathological --" "Oedipal complex taken too far," Sara interrupts, but Dr. Dino quickly clarifies, "Oedipal implies son-to-mother. In this case, the mother was seeking the love and creating the codependence. We call this the Jocasta complex…when Adam was nine, his father died. His mother replaced her dead husband with her son." Sara dryly comments, "That's gonna mess you up." And how: Adam is schizo-affective, suicidal, and a pathological narcissist. Dr. Dino continues, "When he was a teenager, he was unable to retaliate against his mother, and incapable of actual intimacy, so he started raping women." Gil asks, "Always women?" Getting animated, Dr. Dino says, "Yes, which is why I don't think he killed Robbie." Sara points out that she found Adam's semen in Robbie's bed, and Dr. Dino continues, "See, that surprises me. Like any good psychopath, he rarely veers from his pattern. Adam is a single-celled organism who exists wholly for himself. He must have been getting something tangible in return." What that might be is a mystery for now.

Gil moves us to the art criticism portion of the episode, asking what we can tell from Adam's drawings. That it's a good thing he's not doing that for a living? Dr. Dino says, "Ahhh…he starts with a innocuous object. A tree, a cat, an oboe" -- well, I've give you two out of three -- "all of which he morphs into something deadly, as you can see. " Gil notes how it's all about something safe becoming unsafe. "Mother becomes lover," Dr. Dino said. Well, assuming Adam's subconscious was working overtime, it was sticking to repetitive tasks. Speaking of Adam's mother, whatever became of her? Why, when Dr. Dino started sending the letters back lest each epistle prompt another near suicidal bout of depression, the mother stopped writing. Which, when you think about it, really isn't much of an answer.

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