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One tough mother

Sara returns to the hospital. It's still raining; a cop is kind enough to hold her umbrella for her, and she's rocking the watch-cap-and-pea-coat combination. I guess if this CSI gig doesn't work out, she'll join the Navy. Sara heads over to the shelter where Creepy Nurse Joanne's smoking. She asks about the incident in group therapy with Robbie; Creepy Nurse Joanne says Robbie had brought a personal item to therapy with him, and "you can't bring anything in Group except a beverage. It distracts the other patients." Creepy Nurse Joanne stubs out her cigarette. Because the camera's lingering on it, this'll no doubt be important later. Sara asks what Robbie brought and what Creepy Nurse Joanne did in response: the photo was of a little boy, and Creepy Nurse Joanne claims she "followed protocol," which means that she reprimanded Robbie while he had a massive meltdown. For the sake of everyone in Group Therapy, I hope Creepy Nurse Joanne was merely a substitute leader, because otherwise…no. She's what people go into therapy to recover from. Creepy Nurse Joanne concludes, "Boom, boom and boom -- medication, seclusion and restraint." "Tough love," Sara snots. "Call it what you want -- these aren't my children," Creepy Nurse Joanne cracks. Sara asks why Creepy Nurse Joanne didn't see fit to mention Robbie's incident last night, and Creepy Nurse Joanne says, "Because crap like that happens every day here." Sara instantly suspects her of lying. As Creepy Nurse Joanne walks off, Gil calls: the semen on Robbie's sheets comes from Adam Trent, he of the "what are you going to do to me? Send me to a bad place?" line of thought.

We're now in Adam's room. He's yet another criminal with delusions of becoming an artist. Sara's checking out the drawings -- a cat with a tail that turns into a thorny branch, a tree that turns into a spike-studded cudgel. Gil stops snapping photos to exclaim, "This stuff is dark!" A mentally ill criminal producing disturbing drawings? What are the odds? Sara says as much. Gil checks out a sketch of a Medusa-like woman and comments, "Adam's subconscious was working overtime." Sara muses, "I bet you aced your Rorschachs." She smiles at him, and Gil gets flustered. Then she says, "When I was in fifth grade, I drew a picture of a harpooned whale. Everyone thought I was gonzo'd. But I had just read Moby Dick. Sometimes a dying whale's just a dying whale." Gil is staring at her with an expression that seems to suggest something's blown his mind. Could it be the idea of a ten-year-old Melville fan? The intimation that Sara's mental health was ever shaky? The suggestion that Sara thinks he may be overanalyzing Adam's boring and derivative sketches? Sara then accidentally drops a sketch. Unfortunately for all of you, I have no idea what happened after she moved the desk to retrieve it, as an actual crime report interrupted the broadcast for two minutes.

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