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We zip back to CSI central and an interrogation room. Brass muses, "Man … Xanax, Olanzopine, Zoloft, Ziprisadone, Clozapine, Lorazepam, Lithium, Valium, Wellbutrin, Haldol…" Sara says brightly, "You took everything with street value." Leon is unrepentant: "I get 22K a year. That's nothing. Diddly-squat. I should get hazard pay. These people…I get, I get spit on, puked on, peed on, bitten. I get my hair yanked out, I get my ass pinched, I get death threats…all for 22K. So I supplemented my income. It don't hurt nobody." Except perhaps the people who, when taken off their meds, are prone to doing things like spitting on, puking on, peeing on, biting, hair-pulling, ass-pinching and threatening others. But other than that, yeah, it's a real victimless crime.

Sara continues in that same dryly playful tone, "Are you a doctor?" Leon snorts, "These places overmedicate all the time. It controls the population. And I don't endanger the patients, okay? I'm all about the patients." Good news for Leon: even if he loses his gig here, his inability to observe or connect with reality should be attractive qualities if he decides to pursue a career with the White House press office. Anyway, Brass theorizes that perhaps Robbie was threatening to blow the whistle on Leon, and Leon killed the would-be snitch. Leon denies that Robbie had to go to seclusion because he was so distraught over evidence of criminal behavior in a hospital for the criminally insane. He says, "[Robbie] freaked out on Group. I wasn't even there! Ask somebody who was." Sara is looking less amused by the second, although Leon is pretty much a one-man party. He caps the whole conversation with, "Am I gonna lose my job? 'Cause these people? Need me."

After that eye-opening look into the world of managed care, Sara retreats to the safety of sweet, sweet data. She reviews the video logs, finding that Robbie went into seclusion at 5:03 PM, went out of the room at 7:06 PM, and was evidently in bed by 9:30 PM. That last bit comes courtesy of the creepy Nurse Joanne. Gil checks the logs and notes, "Body was found at 12:10. So sometime between 9:30 and midnight, he was suffocated." "Probably closer to 9:30, he was suffocated. The blood would've needed time to coagulate before his head was smashed in," Sara theorizes. Gil points out that the person who did the suffocating and the person who did the smashing could have been different people. He and Sara sit around ruminating on that possibility until their Zen-like silence is interrupted by Liam the larval CSI, who bounces into the room burbling, "How about some pillow talk? Robbie's pillow was covered with saliva -- all his." Gil points out, "Could be from drooling. Or it could be from dying." Liam continues, "Look at this -- I found slits at both hands. [They fit] left hand, and right hand." Liam places his hands on the pillow to approximate a death grip, and pretends to smother Sara, who doesn't look like she minds. Gil looks peeved. Gil needs to get over himself -- he does not get to not-break-up with the woman he's not seeing via a monologue during a perp non-confession and then get all irritated when she has the nerve to move on with her life. Anyway, Sara looks back at Gil and comments, "Looks like we have a murder weapon." Gil looks like he's trying to figure out how to murder Liam with the very pillow he's holding.

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