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One tough mother

Meanwhile, Brass is handling the case with his usual excruciating attention to euphemism: "Newsflash from the loony bin: two reported deaths in the last three years from 'complications due to restraint procedures.'" Gil wants to know how many went on report; Brass tells him, "The hospital just got off probation. One more death by restraint brings the feds in." Which still wouldn't stop Gil and company; their crime-solving mandate transcends all jurisdictions. Gil and Brass figure this is incentive enough for hospital staff to maybe cover up a restraint-related death by pinning it on one of the inmates.

So they head back to the hospital, where the talking suit from before tells them that the hospital's legally required to videotape all restraint activities, and won't they pull up a chair and watch Robbie's restraining session? Sara and Brass watch; Sara seems considerably more affected. Empty Suit points out that both an on-call doctor and Creepy Nurse Joanne checked in on him, and two hours later, they walked him out. Empty Suit huffs, "I resent the accusation [that Robbie died from improper restraining]. We've made a lot of changes. Policy, staff, surveillance have all been overhauled. Robbie left the seclusion room alive." For some reason, Sara gets all swotty when confronted with proof of positive institutional change, and she belligerently asks, "Okay. Fine. Who administers medication?" Are you asking because you need it, Sara? She's asking because she's trying to figure out why Robbie was missing four anti-psychotic meds that should have been in his system. Empty Suit suggests that Robbie was "cheeking them," or tucking the pills between his teeth and gums so as to fool the psych tech into thinking he had swallowed the pills. We get a TMIcam of this, complete with a show first -- a waggling epiglottis bathed in the water meant to wash the pills down.

Brass asks why anyone would cheek their meds. Empty Suit shrugs, "They think they don't need them. They sell them, trade them, store them up to get high later." Sara's still glaring daggers. Lady, it's not like Empty Suit's encouraging people to go off their meds -- this isn't his fault.

Cut to Sara and Brass interrupting Leon in mid-medicine dispensation. But it's okay, as he's been dispensing placebos. After validating Hodge's workday by smirking at the tech, "I love your hair," she checks out a cup and muses, "Ibuprofrin, aspirin, laxatives…what are you treating here? Schizophrenia? Or constipation?" Brass is less arch: "Where are the real drugs, Leon?" Leon's all, "Uhhh…"

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