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One tough mother

The Who wants to know who's replaced the normally broad-minded Gil with someone who's maybe not got the most nuanced take on mental illness.

When we get back from commercials, the inmates have settled down for a night of card-playing and pretending to knit. Brass points out the phantom knitter/insomniac to Gil, and asks, "Why's that guy knitting an imaginary sweater? How's he know when he's finished?" "His brain's telling him that what he's doing is real. He has no reason to doubt it," Gil replies. "Or any desire to," Brass replies. Someone's wearing the cranky badge tonight. Gil adds, "They asked John Nash how he could believe that extraterrestrials were sending him messages. He said that the messages came to him in the same way that his mathematical ideas did, so he had to take them seriously." Before the discussion can move on into an assessment of Ron Howard films, Calamity Jane nee on-call doctor Valerie Dino comes on over and introduces herself. She adds, "The administration asked me to set up some rooms for your interviews but, ah, personally, I don't see what you hope to accomplish. These patients are criminals with severe mental disorders. They're not going to give you a straight answer." Brass cheerfully replies, "No one ever does."

Robbie's body is wheeled out of the room, and Sara lingers long enough to read the chart on the door. His psychiatrist was Dr. Dino, his nurses were Joanne and Nanette, his psych tech was Leon, and he was on Geodon, olanzapine, Depakote, lithium and lorazepam. Having creeped herself out, Sara begins working the room. The most interesting item: a torn photograph on the wall suggesting that a photo was recently taken down.

Gil's begun talking with the inmates. It is not the meeting of minds you'd otherwise expect. Someone named Ronald Salter, who's committed multiple rapes and murders, insists, "I heard him saying, 'I'm coming in.' It's not like he isn't serious." Ronald punctuates every syllable by tapping his temple. Gil asks, "Who isn't serious?" Ronald stammers, "The perpetrator." This is when we flash to his docket, which helpfully adds that the multiple rapist/murderer is also prone to hallucinations and delusions. And he's in here? Shocker. Gil asks, "Can you tell me anything else about him?" Ronald demurs, explaining in a whisper, "He's here." Gil surreptitiously checks the corners, then asks, "In this room?" Ronald continues to tap his temple. Gil asks, "Is his name Ronald?" Ronald helpfully clarifies, "No, my name is Ronald." Gil asks, "What's [the perp's] name?" "He doesn't have a name. He's a cricket. Here [in my temple]." Gil is all disgustedly, "A cricket." Buck up, camper! It's not every day your love of entomology collides with your love of getting confessions out of people. Ronald solemnly asserts that the cricket is "trying to burrow a hole in my head."

Brass is talking to Earl Simmonds, who's committed six rapes and grappled with severe depression. He's the insomniac phantom knitter guy. Frankly, not getting enough sleep is enough to make anyone depressed. Me, I snap at people. Earl evidently stays awake all the time because he is consumed with thoughts of the "bitches." Brass refrains from suggesting that Earl could benefit from an imaginary stitch 'n' bitch group; what he thinks it means and what Earl thinks is means would be two different things.

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