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One tough mother

The suit marches them over to the two nurses -- Nanette and the creepy nurse Joanne McNeil, plus the on-site cop Reed Owen. He's part of the special hospital police team. Which is part of the Las Vegas police? Why do I even bother fretting about jurisdiction? Nobody on the show does. Anyway, the camera just keeps on returning to the freaked-out-looking Sara, and it's working my last nerve already. What is the point of harping on the damsel-in-peril angle here when the first question any sane viewer's going to have is, "Well, if a girl's in that much danger on these premises, what's stopping Gil from swapping her own with Nicky or Warrick?" There's being in legitimate peril, and then there's being in contrived situations for the sake of cheap drama.

Anyway, the internal team -- evidently made up of women who don't deserve the Camera Close-Up of Impending Danger -- explains that Nanette had just relieved Joanne, she was doing bed-check, and she found Robbie at 12:10 AM. Brass asks, "Are the patients locked in their room at night?" The guy replies, "No, their doors are unlocked at night." Hold on -- these are the guys too tough for any prison to handle, multiple felons who are mentally ill…and they're allowed to wander around unfettered at night. Brass asks as much, and the suit replies, "Locked rooms usually lead the patients to try and harm themselves." Whereas with unlocked doors, they're encouraged to branch out and think of others first.

We find out Kenny's been "taken to seclusion," which is code for "strapped his screaming ass to a gurney." The ever-unflappable Nanette orders Leon the nursing attendant to pump Kenny full of lorazepam. This "seclusion room" business is misleading: when I go to a day spa, the seclusion room usually involves lying down someplace that smells like lavender while someone puts cucumber slices on my eyes and a Wyndham Hill album plays. It seems a lot more calming than being stuck in a five-point restraint system while Gil glowers at you. No wonder Kenny's screaming. I would be too. Sara notices the wounds on Kenny's arms and asks after them. Leon tells us, "He suffers from Renfield's syndrome." So he's in thrall to vampires? Shouldn't he be eating bugs? According to Leon, "He gets off on blood. A couple weeks ago, I caught him gouging himself with a carpet staple." Gil's only interested in Kenny's stylish scrubs, asking if he was wearing the clothing when they found him next to Robbie's body. He was.

Gil draws Sara out to the corridor and points out, "There was blood spatter all over the victim's room." "Blood, but no spatter all over Kenny's clothes," Sara replies. She and Gil take a moment to look around. Sara adds, "Locked unit, a limited number of suspects…" "Crazy or not, here we come," Gil quips.

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