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One tough mother

And then, after Adam more or less ignored his mom, she went and set up Robbie for a brief spell in restraints so he'd be doped and docile by the time she wanted to suffocate him. She did so by telling Robbie to bring in a picture of a bathing-suit-clad Boy Adam to Group because it was okay, then pulling a 180 in Group because Robbie could be relied upon to lose it. So despite Robbie correctly protesting, "You told me I could! Don't you remember?" Creepy Nurse Joanne pulls the "Oh, who's going to believe the crazy anyway? Take him away!" gaslighting number, setting Robbie on the road to death.

Brass sums up why Creepy Nurse Joanne is so evil: "You manipulated the situation and took advantage of Robbie's weakness." "Exactly what you have been doing to Adam for the past twenty years. And being such a good mother, you made him cover it up. Again," Sara adds. So after exploiting her son's lover, she made her son bash his lover's head in? That's just…oh, lord. Creepy Nurse Joanne needs to be in Desert State as a patient, not a nurse. Creepy Nurse Joanne tries to argue, "Why would my son do that?" Sara concludes, "Because he loves you as much as he hates you." Creepy Nurse Joanne snarls, "You can't prove any of this." But Brass thinks they have a decent shot of proving the incest -- and surprisingly, it's illegal even in Nevada. It's got a ten-year penalty. Sara twists the knife a little with, "That's ten years away from Adam." Creepy Nurse Joanne spits, "Good luck getting Adam to testify." Oh, that won't be too necessary.

Meanwhile, Gil watches from behind the mirror. As Sara joins him, he comments, "Jail or no jail, I don't think she'll last six months. She'll die without her son." Sara says tiredly, "That would be better for both of them." Gil looks at her all, "Oh, wow. You got a dark side there, Sara. I find it strangely attractive." And then he backs away slowly so Sara can sit and brood.

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