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One tough mother

It finally occurs to Gil, when he comes back to a locked and empty office, that maybe leaving wasn't the brightest thing that could happen. Sara's on the floor, looking like she's been to better comparative theology classes. Gil tells the institutional flunky, "Open the door." The guy with a big ring full of keys can't. There's some more manufacturer tension in which Adam elects to just carry on ad nauseam and Gil elects to be all intense with, "Open the door. Just open it," and you know, I really can't help but think this whole thing could have been prevented. Sara's looking like she'll be really pissed if she dies for stupid reasons too. Just then, someone FINALLY hits an alarm, Creepy Nurse Joanne comes around and triggers Adam's meltdown, and Sara takes advantage of his being distracted to elbow him and escape. She runs out of the room as Adam slices his own throat. Creepy Nurse Joanne wails, "Adam, stop! Get a medic in here!" as Gil's all, "Hi! My coworker? Might be traumatized too? Because she's not given to posing in front of dramatically-backlit windows and sulking?"

After Sara peels herself off the window, Gil stares at her for a while until she begins speaking. Backstory ahoy! She says, "When my father died, my mom came to a place like this for a while for evaluation. It looked the same, it smelled the same…it smelled like lies." Gil responds with, "You sure you're okay?" Sure, Gil -- five years of watching you, and Sara's learned to take those big, messy emotions and crunch them down into a tiny ball before locking them away. GAH! Sara looks at him and cracks, "Crazy people do make me feel crazy." Gil generously offers, "I can have somebody take your place." Well, that's considerate. Sara tells him, "I appreciate that. I do, I really do. But I kind of made a decision to move beyond that and I really want to finish this case." Because the best CSIs are the ones who are using each case as a way to work through personal demons. I just…I don't even have the strength to get all capital-letters upset anymore.

Just then, Creepy Nurse Joanne stomps over to blare, "We have rules for a reason" -- and none of them have to do with supervising patients, evidently -- "and you people come in here disrupting things, you're unsafe, this is your fault." Gil is shocked into responding. "Really?" he asks, in a tone pregnant with the implication that Creepy Nurse Joanne might just be crazier than her patients. Sara notes, "You seem to take this job really personally." Creepy Nurse Joanne snarls, "What are you suggesting?" "That you had an intimate relationship with Adam Trent," Sara shoots back. Creepy Nurse Joanne tries to deny it, and Sara spits, "Your lipstick is on his underwear." Oh, that would be because Robbie wore her lipstick, claims Creepy Nurse Joanne. "We didn't find any [lipstick] on his lips," Gil counters. "Well, that's your problem," Creepy Nurse Joanne incorrectly surmises. She stomps off, leaving Gil and Sara looking like, She is so totally sleeping with him. And ew.

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