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One tough mother

Speaking of the repellent little narcissist, here he is now, gnawing on his fingernails as per usual. Sara and Gil are attempting to talk to him while Dr. Dino observes. Adam admits to killing Robbie, and Sara asks why. "He was queer," Adam replies. "But you had sex with him," Sara points out, trusting that Adam's smart enough to add "…so it's not like you were 100% straight" himself. Adam glares at Sara, and we get a funky flash-type thing clearly meant to imply that Adam's just put Sara on his mental "People I'd Like to Assault" list. Then he clarifies, "No. He had sex with me. He was the punk." You keep making those insignificant distinctions there, champ. Sara asks if the sex was consensual, and why Adam did it, and he answers both questions with, "I dunno." Sara's all, "Right. And then?" Adam says dully, "I took his head and I smashed it on the floor." We get a flashback. Sara adds one more time, "And that's how you killed him." Adam seems to have trouble agreeing to this. But when Sara and Gil swap skeptical looks, he gets upset and chokes out, "What, you don't believe me?" Sara mildly points out that she's only wondering how Adam killed Robbie. He replies, "Yes. I'm saying this, and this is true. If you don't believe me, just look in the bucket in the latrine. Okay? Do you really want to know why I killed him? It's because I'm crazy." And let's not forget "a sexual predator." So it totally makes sense that someone with tremendous issues about women should be interrogated by one. Because there's no chance whatsoever that he'll be spending his time flashing to her face or chest or anything.

And now, in another scene staged horror-movie-style, i.e. the lone female goes blithely tripping into a creepy place while completely oblivious to the lurking danger within, Sara heads into the latrine to find a blood-spattered set of inmate clothes. From the safety of the well-lit doorway far, far away from the danger. Gil says as much. Sara also finds a pair of boxer shorts; oddly enough, they've got lipstick on the crotch. Well, that pulls Dr. Dino, the unflappable Nanette, or the Creepy Nurse Joanne into this in a whole new unsavory way. Sara immediately scampers back out in the rain to lift some of the Creepy Joanne's discarded cigarette butts.

She asks the disapproving guard watching all this where Creepy Nurse Joanne is, and the guard's not what you'd call helpful and informative in response. Sara sighs, "I can either take [the cigarette butt] and the underwear back to the lab and confirm the match, which will only extend our presence here, or you can give me access to the nurses' station right now."

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