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I liked it better when they got pancakes

Somebody behind the camera likes blondes. At least, that's one reason why the camera is zooming from one blonde casino staffer to another, with intermittent stops on blonde casino patrons. There's a few swoops into streaky territory -- you know, that brown hair that looks like the wearer plunked down in a hairdresser's chair and said, "Make it look like Mrs. Robinson's, only all over" -- and one brunette, and then we're back to scoping out the blondes. Eventually, the camera rests on a tired-looking Nina Siemaszko, lingering in such a way as to make sure we all get that she's being stalked by someone who's not staring simply because she bears a passing resemblance to Hope Davis. The camera -- and presumably, the predator -- follow Nina out to her car and watch her drive off.

And then there's a horrible screen as the scene changes from the yellow tint of a parking lot lit by sodium lamps to the bluish woods Nina's running through. She's considerably less dressed than she had been in the prior scene; we can also tell she's been assaulted because her hair is no longer pinned up. Nina runs into a backyard, slams into a patio door, and gives a series of bloodcurdling screams. The dog on the other side of the patio doesn't respond well. So Nina takes the screaming to the streets, shouting for someone to help her. She collapses, screaming, "Somebody help me!" and I wonder if this is going to be a modern-day Kitty Genovese case.

The next shot, of her bloody feet resting atop a gurney, does little to dispel that impression until some random voice talks about the victim being stable and ready for transport to -- you guessed it -- Desert Palms hospital. Gil is photographing Nina and her purple face while she lies on the gurney and just blinks. Can you blame her? Brass comes over and, as befits the occasion, exposits quietly: "Nobody knows who she is. The Andersons, they called the security company. They thought somebody was trying to break in their back door." Gil gives Brass a You've got to be ki -- well, actually, they do kind of look like nitwits look. Brass points out that Southern Highlands is a new development and rather remote, so the appearance of a brutalized, screaming semi-naked woman isn't nearly so common as it might be in, say, Lady Heather's neck of the woods. Gil aims the flashlight at Nina's feet and says, "She has severe lacerations on her feet. She was running hard from somewhere." That effectively shuts down the conversation.

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