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A hot temper

Back in the A-plot, Nicky heads out to the baseball field to harass the local minor leaguers playing there. Oh. My bad. Those are "high schoolers." I love how, on TV, everyone in the 20-35 age range plays people in the 15-45 demographic. Anyway, Nicky tells the overbearing coach/father figure he's there to see if there's any connection with Sabrina Abernathy's weekend death and the baseball story she was about to report. After the coach screams at Cody the player, he makes a notation in his book to go visit his cousin Dan in Tree Hill, North Carolina, so they can swap son-rearing tips, and tells Nicky that Cody was in bed at 10 PM on the night in question, as he was every night. "Except for the nights the team's pulling a train on a hooker," Nicky shoots back. Wow. I wonder who taught him that phrase? Cody gets distracted. The coach/father figure replies, "This is Vegas. Who hasn't been with a hooker?" I love that he asks Nicky that. It's just too bad Nicky doesn't reply, "Upstanding members of the clergy. The prepubescent. The occasional law enforcement employee…"

Anyway, Nicky laconically notes that high school seniors being scouted by Division I schools generally try to avoid those recruiting-season scandals. The paternal guy claims, "It's a tradition. It happens every year, with every team." This is the point where someone should whack him upside the head with a rock and say, "Brush up on your Shirley Jackson. It's a tradition. It happens every year." The guy continues by pointing out that Cody would be smarter than to burn down someone's house. What, he'd hire a hit man, now that he's familiar with Las Vegas's black market services economy?

Gil's at play in the fields of the nerd, observing the assorted word jumbles everyone assembles. The scoring system appears to be color-based, as there are discs printed with red, blue, and black letters. Gil ends up talking to one Wilson Janek over a game of logos. Gil opens the field with "abulia" (a loss of will power) and asks about Wilson's game with Adam. Wilson snorts at what he perceives to be Gil's trash talk, lays down "baht" (a unit of Thai currency), and says nothing. Gil builds "hadron" (a subatomic particle) off "baht," and says he's just there for Wilson's DNA. Wilson compliments Gil on being a quick study, but adds, "If you think I killed Adam, why don't you go ask Uncle Sam for my DNA. I served my country. Gulf War Senior. Memorized word lists as a sanity check. Some guys did ping-pong. I did this. I saw enough killing over there. I'm a 'Make Words, Not War' kind of guy now."

Sara skips the wordplay and heads straight into swabbing people. And then she begins talking to them while she's got a swab halfway down their throats, asking someone named Craig about what it feels like to lose to Adam, while he's in the middle of losing to someone else. "At least you're a good sport," she says, amused. Either Sara's become a really amiable drunk over the past few weeks, or the powers that be have forgotten that she's supposed to be surly and grim, because she's practically back to her old Seasons 1-3 self.

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