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A hot temper

Cut to Nicky's interrogation with the lovely Viva. He opens by pointing out that she was arrested for attempted arson, and she tells him, "I was exonerated." Snicky points out that he noticed her at both fires on Cell Crook Road. What a great name for a road! Seriously -- it makes me think of biotech espionage, and that makes me think of Count Zero, and then I'm in a happy place. Viva playfully tells him, "I am not an arsonist." Snicky shoots back, "That's not what your file tells me." Viva snots that the law doesn't make much of a distinction between arsonists and pyromaniacs, and the difference between her and an arsonist is that she doesn't set fires for money or with the intent to cause damage. She does it because "you go home at night. You feel a little lonely. You put in a racy video --" Nicky gets all uncomfortable: "No, no, no, no. We're not talking about me." Also, I imagine Nicky still feels vaguely unsettled if he's unwinding to the Discovery Channel and the apes are…well, doing it like mammals. Anyway, Viva handles her loneliness at the end of the day not by doing volunteer work, or perhaps trying to take care of a plant, but by opening her junk mail, then setting it on fire. Nicky watches her have some sort of orgasmic experience recounting this, and looks acutely embarrassed. Viva recovers, stamps down the impulse to light a cigarette, and claims, "It's an impulse control disorder, but it's private. I don't burn down houses or kill children." Nicky's looking somewhere at the middle of the table when he counters, "Maybe not on purpose, but accidents do happen." For the first time, Viva looks nervous.

The sun is setting, and Nicky's now hard at work in the lab. Liam the Lab Tech comes over and intones, "You rang?" Holy cow! He's been set upon by a band of rogue hairdressers, who clipped him, stripped all the dye out of his hair, and left him looking like an adult. It's unnerving. It's like watching an episode from the future. Anyway, Nicky asks him how he'd like to be listed as an assist on an arson case. Liam is all, "Is that a rhetorical question?" and Nicky takes that as the assent it's meant to be. He explains, "I collected these matchbooks from the pyromaniac's house, who was…kind of hot, actually." Liam snickers, "You dig chicks who dig fires?" Nicky replies, "No. I just said that to draw you out. It's time I acted on this simmering tension we have. By the way, your hair looks fabulous." Oh, he does not either. He just kind of cops to being weirdly attracted to this woman. I'm thinking that someone's trying to make us buy the idea that Nicky's got a knight-on-a-white-horse complex.

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