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A hot temper

And then, we're back in shiny, sparkling downtown Las Vegas, complete with lounge music. We switch quickly to what must be a casino bathroom, its floor currently decorated with an obese dead guy. Brass is explaining to Sara and Gil, "So the morning cleaning crew found him. No ID, but this [piece of paper] was in his pocket." Sara notes that it's some kind of code. We get a gander at the piece of paper, and it's not unlike looking at those Word Jumbles certain comics sections run because they're approximately as wide as a Family Circus and a Marmaduke panel side-by-side. I tend to skip those things, as I find my eye inexorably drawn down to the lame comics below, and then I spend the rest of the day muttering, "Who went on a murder spree and axed four twee tykes. Not Me!"

Gil has no time to examine the mysterious paper. He purses his lips as he looks around, and turns back to the body on the floor. We get a nice shot of its blackened face, and the little pool of blood beneath the head. Gil reads off the tee with, "Seven-thirty-five?" "His goal weight," Brass cracks. Heh. Sara and Gil both give him an unamused look. Oh, come on. I know pining after your emotionally boss -- or being an emotionally constipated boss -- is draining, but you're in trouble if you've completely lost your sense of humor. Brass takes off so the two of them can humorlessly assess the scene. Gil whips out a camera and begins snapping the dead guy's livid face, paying special attention to the cut above one eyebrow. He tells Sara, "That's a nasty head wound." She elects to continue the conversation she was having in her head with, "It's always reassuring to see an empty soap dispenser in a public bathroom." Then she looks back at the mirror -- but not to admire her hair, which looks decent for a change, with waves that manage to frame her face and make her look like she's not about to go fill her pockets with rocks before heading out on a jetty somewhere. I guess all that beer Sara's having has been good for her hair too. Sara's actually examining the pattern of cracks in the mirror and guessing, "I'm thinking, this is how the vic got his head smashed in."

We get a shot of Sara looking in the mirror, and then Gil pops up behind her. The survivors of the S.S. Geek Love wreck all meet for a rousing round of toasts to the eternal ship. However, Gil seems more intent on imagining Mister 735 bouncing off the mirror forehead-first than he is on sneaking a furtive look at Sara. He then hands Sara a swab and sinks back down to the floor. After she swabs the blood on the mirror, Gil calls her attention to the puddle of blood on the floor, noting, "It's common to find something in blood, uncommon to find something on blood." Sara watches Gil pick up the mystery fragment, and then he peels back one of the guy's eyelids to point out the petechial hemorrhaging. Sara comments, "Head bashed in and asphyxiated. No soap was the least of his problems." Gil gives her a look like, How dare you demonstrate any sort of humorous perspective?

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