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A hot temper

And now The Who want to know when the writers stopped making the effort to come up with a snappy one-liner during the credits.

Après commercials, Sabrina's being zipped into a body bag as her mother mournfully tells Catherine, "She wasn't even burned." Catherine points out that smoke inhalation happens really fast. Well, that's small comfort. Catherine passes on her condolences, then smoothly segues into interrogation mode, asking, "I heard you say she wasn't supposed to be here tonight. Was she supposed to be with her dad?" Mrs. Abernathy says that her husband died five years ago in a car accident, and Sabrina was supposed to be over at her friend Molly's; she adds that so far as she knew when she went to bed at 11 PM or so, Sabrina was at Molly's. Catherine asks if Mrs. Abernathy knows of any possible cause for the fire; Mrs. Abernathy does not. She mentions that she locks the doors and goes to bed, and that's about it. Catherine then asks if Mrs. Abernathy maybe has anyone in her life who might be inclined to set her house on fire; Mrs. A replies, "I go to work. I take care of my kids and my mother, and that's my life." For once, Catherine does not follow this up with a commiserating comment on how tough it is to be a single mother; this could be because she's been brainwashed by her little friend Krycek into believing that the short person she's sharing a house with is merely a domestic worker who can't dust the tops of bookcases. I'm just guessing this is how Catherine's handling the work/kid/paramour thing.

Nicky's snapping pictures of the crowd as it checks out the fire. Sure enough, there's someone there with a furtive smile on her face; the state of her drawers is as yet unknown. Nicky immediately channels Snicky and notes this without anyone else pointing it out. He's busy telling the crowd to feel free to give him a buzz any ole time they have information to pass on, when Grandma interrupts him to ask, "How am I going to get my Fosamax?" Somewhere in New Jersey, Merck's attack lawyers brace to make sure this is an innocuous product placement for their osteoporosis drug. Anyway, Nicky's totally in his element with, "I'll make sure you have your medications by breakfast, okay? You're going to be all right." A fireman guides the confused-looking old lady off-screen.

Warrick then approaches the fire truck where Sam is being all winsome and asking the fireman behind the wheel what button produces what result. The fireman is, of course, under the impression that children are also idiots, so he talks down with, "That's the siren. So we can get to fires real fast." Sam plays along: "To help people burning inside?" The fireman confirms that this is so. Sam then gets the sad face and twists the dagger with, "But not my sister." Warrick visibly cringes. The fireman looks like he's about to cry. "I'm sorry, buddy," he chokes out. Sam pats the man on the hand and assures him it's okay. I wonder if they made Sam a boy because a girl would have invited too many unsolicited The Bad Seed comparisons?

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