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A hot temper

We flash to the scene in which Adam played "exvin," and told Craig it meant "a wine aficionado who doesn't drink." I'd have been more impressed if he had used "oenophile." So Craig adds an "s" for "exvins," and Adam promptly challenges. A-ha! It was a big bluff, and Craig took it. I think I'd like this game. It's like Scrabble, only with an extra dash of evil.

Back in the present, Sara notes that Craig's game box is missing the letters "E, X, V, I, N, S. You made Adam eat his word." Yup. And it didn't go down easy, either. Craig says, "I just wanted to make it as hard for him to swallow as it was for me." Sara asks why he didn't help Adam when he began choking. "I thought it was another fake-out." Gil asks why Craig still did nothing when Adam passed out, and when Craig can only stand there and look guiltily remorseful, Gil snaps, "Out of words?"

And that ends the B-plot. Welcome back, Gil and Sara. Please feel free to stay.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick are back in the Abernathy place, and Catherine's all, "This is old-school hydrocarbon detection." Oh-kay. It's basically waving around a UV light. The goal is to look for any other traces of Sterno, and then to see if it can be linked to someone else. And they discover it can -- Sam's room is filled with traces, and Warrick finds a cache of matches under the mattress. Catherine's all, "Mom was locking the wrong door."

Cut to Mrs. A and Sam in the interrogation room. She appears to be caressing the back of his head, but really, it's just an excuse for a vise-like grip at the base of his skull as she says, "They're going to ask you some questions about the fire at our house. And you'd better start talking, mister." Sam does not look like he's thrilled at the idea. Catherine escorts Mrs. A out, and Sam waits at the table. He's got his hands clasped in front of him; he looks ready to face a Congressional inquiry. Warrick comes in and puts a mug down in front of Sam. I know he didn't bring that kid coffee. He tries breaking the ice with, "You okay?" but Sam's not buying. So Warrick moves on to the questioning, flipping a box of wooden matches in his hands as he asks, "What kind of things do you like to do on the weekends?" Sam's eyes watch the matches spill on the table as he answers, "Watch TV. Hang out. Play." Warrick lights a match; Sam's eyes are drawn to it. Warrick asks, "You like to play with matches?" "Sometimes," Sam admits. Oh, who doesn't at that age? Warrick asks why Sam likes playing with matches, and Sam says, "Fire is cool." Yes, it is. Warrick drops the first match in the mug, and sits back at Sam pulls the matchbox over and begin lighting matches before dropping them into the mug, where they're extinguished with a tiny fizzle.

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