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A hot temper

Meanwhile, back in the B-plot, Sara is reconstructing the tournament play, using scoring pads, a Logos set-up, and the list of players to be matched up. Incidentally, both Les Moonves and Ted Bundy made room in their schedules for a round. I don't know who I'm more impressed with -- someone taking time out of running CBS to hang with the word nerds, or someone rising from the dead to do so. Sara plays out the game, and clearly stumbles across something significant.

Cut to her explaining to Gil that Adam was "a meticulous note-taker. He documented every turn of every game he played." So Gil asks, "How many words use the letters we found in Adam's body?" "None," Sara replies. She then reveals the key for solving this particular case: one of the games didn't add up, because in the Adam/Craig (a.k.a. "the guy Sara swabbed") match, Adam had 60 points written down that weren't accounted for in her game reconstruction, as well as an erased entry. So Sara ran the entry through ESDA, and found out that Adam played the word "exvin." Add the "s," and it's a 60-point word. Gil asks what an exvin is, and Sara says, "It's what I'll be next season!" Actually, she replies, "I was kind of hoping you'd know. It's not in the OED." I love that Gil's colleagues regard him as both an entomological and an etymological reference tool. Gil looks pained for a moment -- oh, whatever. You know he's resigned to being the smartest one on the shift. And then he details the penalties for having a bluff called -- you take your tiles back, you get no points, you lose a minute off the clock.

Sara then points out that Craig later played an "x" in the game for "loxodrome" (a spherical spiral), and notes that there's only one "x" per game. She asks, "How did he get it?"

Cut to Craig having something of a nervous meltdown while Sara picks through his Logos box. She tells him she's looking for a six-letter word. Gil, who's been pawing through Craig's luggage, pulls out a gun and asks, "P-I-S-T-O-L? It's not the word we're looking for, but it's interesting." Gil notes that the gun is a replica, and it's got blood on it. Craig says, "I belong to a Communist club --" that sounds so quaint. It's like belonging to the Pet Rocksitters' Society. Anyway, Craig says his little group collects "replicas from the fall of the Soviet Union." Also baffling, as it seems like a Communist club would want to curate the movement's greatest hits, as opposed to its Gigli-like geopolitical events. Anyway, Gil sneers, "A fake gun for a fake word?"

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