Cougar, Cougar, Burning Bright

by Zach Oat September 24, 2009
Fall Pilot Season: Cougar Town

Jules (Courtney Cox) gets out of the shower, drops her towel and looks at herself naked in the mirror. She plays with the fold of skin on her elbow, saying, "What the hell is that, a farm animal?" She plays with the flab on her stomach, legs and arms, then admits defeat. "Crap!" Except for the elbow, these are all close-ups, and based on how Cox looks in her underwear later in this episode, I'm willing to bet that this was all stunt flab.

So, apparently, the titular "Cougar Town" is where the Cougars play -- a costumed mascot is taken out by the football team as they run through a paper banner that says "Welcome to Cougartown." With her friend Laurie (Busy Phillips) and her son Travis (Dan Byrd), Jules cheers on the team, then gets back to playing "son or boyfriend" with Laurie. As an older woman cleans the face of a younger man, Laurie urges her to kiss him as Jules urges her not to, until finally... she does. Laurie is winning 8-1. Admiring a divorcee's new rack, Laurie tells Jules to get out there. Jules says the men her age are all broken, gay or chasing younger girls, which is why newly busty woman is now chatting up a young stud. Jules and Laurie check out a shirtless guy from the same generation until an older woman next to them says he's her son. They compliment her and move back a couple of rows. Travis announces: 'Ladies and gentlemen, my mother."

Dropping Laurie off at home. Jules turns down an offer to go out dancing because she has plans. Those involve pouring two big glasses of wine and inviting her neighbor/friend Ellie (Scrubs' Christa Miller) over. Ellie defers, since she apparently agreed to have sex with her husband Andy (Felicity's Ian Gomez) tonight. Andy comes in and informs his wife that he pulled a hamstring, so she'll have to start out on top. Hanging up with Ellie, Jules jokes about "hitting that" to her son, who is less than enthused about lesbian mom jokes. He says he's going out with his friend, and Jules tells him not to get in trouble, or she'll show everyone at school the picture of him and his friends as babies, "holding each other's penises. So small!" Her glee at the thought of humiliating her son is infectious. I already like Courtney Cox more than I have since "Dancing in the Dark."

The next morning, Jules goes out to get the paper in her robe and sees her close-in-age male neighbor Grayson walking a young woman to a taxi. She calls him on it, since his wife only left a week ago, and he says she's just jealous she can't bag a young stud. As if this would somehow prove a point, Jules turns and opens her robe to flash her underwear at the paperboy, who rides into the back of a car and lands in the open convertible. His distraction is understandable. Courtney Cox is... well, let's just say that David Arquette is a very lucky man.

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