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Unhand Me

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Unhand Me

We cut to Nurse Patterson, who is arranging juice bottles on a tray, which is infinitely more fun than being bugged by Dr. Weiss, when who should walk up to her. Weiss says quite correctly that she's not going to talk to him now either. Patterson says that she's sorry she didn't call back last night, but she crashed and at 2 AM and woke up to find a cat on her head. Patterson makes the weirdest non-sequiturs on the show. Weiss says that her cat is evil, which is not the best way to a girl's heart. Weiss asks whether Patterson is busy that night. She says she is. He says that she's turned down every offer to hang out since the disastrous dinner at her father's. She says she needs time to "sort it out," which is Relationship Speak for "I'd rather be up in the OR for a hernia operation than see you." She says she'll call him soon and he says, "I'll be waiting" which is Relationship Speak for "I'll be waiting."

Anna is talking to a group of medical students while standing next to the incubator holding the tiny baby Walker. The camera is positioned in a way that you can't see the newborn. The difference between ER and City of Angels is that on ER they have the budget to show you what a one-pound baby looks like. Papa Walker gets over his rage long enough to visit the baby. Anna says she thinks that the baby's going to pull through. Turner mouths "thank you" to Anna as she walks away, and I get a creepy Lucy flashback from ER. Mr. Walker has a tender moment where he talks about how much Evyline wanted this baby and how somebody tried really hard to take that away from them. Turner tells him that he's lucky, what with having a wife and child survive and a whole hospital team behind them. Mr. Walker has a change-of-heart moment when Turner invokes the other family, who also almost lost a son. Turner leaves, Mr. Walker sits down and we get our first sideways look at the preemie.

Heather: It's a gerbil.
Omar: It's a guinea pig.
Heather: It's the fakest thing I've ever seen.
A Sudafed commercial goes from black and white to color, which is a total reverse City of Angels. Sam Neill is still shlepping around as Thomas Jefferson while I moan and cry.

We skip the gospel choir to come straight to Dr. Price speaking at a press conference. She says that everybody's okay, except Ron Harris, who is a poopie-head. Or at least, she thinks that as he stands behind her. Her little speech is being broadcast live, probably on Hospital C-SPAN. Price says that while she's the first to criticize when work is shabby or somebody's lazy (Lester rolls his eyes at this), she is also the first to praise great work. Of course, we've never seen her do this, but all the reporters seem to buy it. Price calls Lester a hero, as is everybody else who donated blood. Lester decides not to pour sugar in her gas tank after all. Price continues on the praise train, pulling up Patterson and Anna for their great work. She doesn't mention Turner, but then he gets to make out with her in a broom closet, so it's all good. Price finishes by saying that the old county hospital won't just roll over and die, although some of their patients may. They will rededicate themselves to making the hospital great. Everybody claps except the reporters, who in real life never clap at press conferences. It's like a rule. In keeping with the "Unhand Me" theme, Heather says, "They just gave her a hand.

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