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Unhand Me

The two doctors from the break room come in to tell Turner that Walker is having some major blood problems. He scrubs out, then scrubs into the other OR where the doctor who ate at the cafeteria earlier (who happens to be Indian -- please check your City of Angels minority scorecard) is going to assist. Walker has a ruptured ventricle. Turner uses the chest spreader and I get a massive ER flashback except it's a flashback to almost every episode of that show. Seen it. Turner says that if Evyline is indeed The Iron Lady, now's her chance to prove it.

Cut to Price's office. Ron Harris, looking sharp as ever, walks in and tells her that Edwin O'Malley's office is calling about the baby. Someone close to O'Malley has a neo-natalist wife at another hospital. The question was raised if the baby should be transfer. Harris says there would be no shame in transferring, especially since the hospital's record with preemies is marginal. Price says that's because they get the sickest babies. Harris raises his voice, arguing that the supervisor is breathing down their collective neck and that such a public case could deal a fatal blow to the Jayko survey. It always comes back to Jayko, doesn't it? I start to wonder whether Price and Harris have ever had a conversation at stable decibels. Price says that O'Malley (like Harris himself) has no medical background and is just doing what he can to please the public, issuing proclamations from Mount Olympus. Points to Price for mythological reference. Price says that she and Anna have talked about transferring (the baby, not Dr. Turner), and they all agree the baby should stay. Plus the nurses will quit if the baby is transferred. Price says that she is the medical expert and he should defer. Harris gets all uppity, straightening his tie and whatnot, but finally leaves.

Turner yawns as he gets out of an elevator to greet the parents of the psycho-rapist-preganant-woman-runner-over. The husband looks like a bloated Tim Conway while the woman looks like a scary version of the lady from Strangers With Candy. Turner says that their son will make a full recovery -- I mean, except that he's crazy and all. The parents say that their son has been under psychiatric care all of his life and doesn't always take his meds. Turner sympathizes. The mother asks how Evyline and the baby are doing. Turner says that both are critical. The father asks if they can speak to the Walker family. Turner says he doesn't think it's a good idea, but the father insists. Right about then, a big giant idea balloon pops up over Turner's head that says, BAD IDEA! but he's tired and ignores it. Instead he gives in and escorts them to meet Mr. "I Just Lost My Wife's Uterus And How Was Your Day?" Walker, who is obviously distraught. The rapist's father gives a little speech about being sorry and that they're praying for the Walkers. Mr. Walker asks, "What is that, a Hallmark greeting?" while the parents look very uncomfortable. Mr. Walker calls the boy an "animal" again and says that the parents are responsible for his behavior. Much tense arguing goes back and forth until Mr. Walker says that their son should have been locked in a cage. They start to leave and Walker yells them off, saying he'll never forgive what's happened. Turner, who stands off to the side with nary an idea balloon to help him now, just sighs.

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