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Unhand Me

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Unhand Me

Cut to a break room where some doctors are watching a freeway chase featuring the man who hit Walker. The other doctors offer to take Turner's shifts off his hands. One doctor bursts in holding his stomach and screaming about the cafeteria food before hitting the bathroom. No one reacts to that at all.

Turner goes back to the trauma ward where they've brought in the guy who ran over Walker. He's got a gunshot wound. A police officer tells Turner to take his time with this one. Weiss says that the blood banks are low on O-negative. Turner says that the whole staff will have to donate, including Lester, who doesn't like that idea at all. Lester says that he was supposed to be off, but he's there to help. "Don't ask me to help out the man who hurt her." Doesn't this happen every week on ER? ["It certainly happened this week on ER." -- Wing Chun] Lester complains about Dr. Price's endless string of meetings just as she walks in. Price accuses Lester of being the weak link in the chain. Price says that if Lester donates blood, she'll guarantee that the attempted rapist won't ever get it. Can she do that? Lester still doesn't want to do it until a nurse calls him a big fool. He grudgingly agrees. Weiss leans on a tray like he's the coolest fool in school just before Turner tells him to push a gurney up to the OR.

Cut to a news broadcast in front of the hospital, where the entire city of Los Angeles is riveted by Walker's story. Mike Ovitz calls Harris and they negotiate the movie rights. Turner walks in on Simon Walker, the husband, and the rest of the family. Turner says the injuries were serious, and that Mrs. Walker's spleen had to be removed. ["That happened on ER this week too! MY GOD!" -- Wing Chun] Then, Turner says, they had to deliver the one-pound baby boy. ("Were they too cheap to show any of that?" Heather asks.) Walker developed DIC and had to have her uterus removed. The new father reacts with understandable sadness. He mentions that the guy who hit her is in the hospital. "This hospital takes care of that kind of animal?" Well, actually there's a veterinary wing they don't talk about much, but yes, they do. Simon's mad that the guy is getting medical treatment. Turner assures him that the whole hospital is taking care of Evyline. Fade to black and white on the grieving family and a sad Simon.

A bunch of scary brown statues stare out on a smoggy day as, inside, the doctors are trying to rescue the man who ran over Evyline Walker. The bullet missed the aorta. Dr. Weiss says that the bullet failed its mission. Turner asks for some bowel-repairing music (would it be tacky to suggest George Michael? I'm guessing yes). Instead, we get Tupac's "California," which if you'll remember goes something like, "In the city...California..." Because if the title City of Angels didn't tip you off to the setting of the show, this song just might. Turner opens up the philosophical phone lines by asking everybody if the police should have just let the guy die on the street (the patient, not Tupac). Williams says that it doesn't make sense to take care of a would-be rapist/murderer. Turner says that they would be vigilantes and "unsurgical" if they didn't take care of him. "A case is a case," says Turner, paraphrasing Gertrude Stein. "You didn't make him a guy like this and you didn't shoot him." Didn't they cover any of these ethical dilemmas in medical school? Williams is getting to work on a good case, so he should stop complaining, Turner says.

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