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Unhand Me

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Unhand Me

Harris storms into Price's office, screaming about having her job, and it turns out that the whole Irving-Irwin,-J.-Cutler/severed-hand thing was all a sham to get Harris' attention. Oh, Dr. Price, you are the devious scamp, aren't you? Harris screams about Price's medical responsibilities. Price says that the staff needs a functioning hospital, not a "dysfunctional menagerie" like some law firm run by hallucinating, wattle-fondling children. Harris asks if she gives a "rat's rear end" (his words, not mine) about the hospital. You see, he knows all about UCLA. Angels of Mercy is just a stepping stone for her. Price says she's doing her job. Harris screams, "Please don't insult me!" Price thinks, "You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny," but holds it in. Price invokes the name of Edwin O'Malley, the hospital's head man in charge. Harris speculates aloud about Price's "special relationship with O' Malley." If it's anything like her closet-jumping with Turner, all I have to say is ewwwww. Price asks why she can't be treated like a respectable administrator. Harris counters that she has no credentials. Yeah, like that medical degree Harris doesn't have is just for show. Price calls Angels of Mercy a chronic, festering embarrassment that has no business being accredited. The phone rings, and Price decides to leave to see about Walker's accident. Harris follows, asking if the parking lot was an OSHA hazard.

Cut to the near-rape victim, Ms. Lopez, being treated by Dr. Weiss for face cuts. A policeman stands by as she tells them that they never listened when she said this guy kept bothering her, and he was never arrested. She says that she's a lot luckier than Walker and her baby. "She saved me from being raped," Lopez says. Weiss says it's too soon to know how Walker will do. The woman blames the police again, then tells Weiss that they have to help Walker and they have to save the baby. "You know what, you're right!" Weiss says, determined now to be a doctor and save lives instead of just pestering Nurse Patterson all day.

Turner, Angie and company are at the x-ray station deciding whether to move Walker. Angie says that the baby is getting weaker with each contraction. Price wanders around looking for something to do. Patterson says that everybody wants to help on this case.

Up in the OR, Turner is wearing a nice red Kufi hat. Angie says that they should deliver the baby even though it's more than three months premature. Turner briefly considers transferring the baby to another hospital, but his girlfriend says that they can take of it at Angels of Mercy. One of the residents asks what'll happen if they can't stop the bleeding in Walker's uterus. "Her first baby will be her only baby," Turner says. "If this kid doesn't grow up to be President, it won't be our fault." What? Did I miss something? Is there some surgeon out there right now agonizing over the Republican primaries?

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