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Unhand Me

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Unhand Me

Heather and Omar: "UNHAND ME!"
Harris jumps, Price jumps, Breakfast Cart Guy does a long jump back and after jumping, Cutler cries, "Dear God!" just like they taught him in his Playing Older White Administrative Types acting elective. "That must be a special order," Breakfast Cart Guy says, while Price rolls her eyes until they pop out of her head and nestle alongside the severed hand. Cut to opening credits.

Back in Harris's office, Cutler has just changed his first name to "Pissed." He says that, in twenty-two years, he's never seen such an egregious violation. Price is trying to remember how to spell "egregious" so that she can put it in her paperwork later while Cutler continues, calling the innocent Breakfast Cart Guy a nutcase and speculating on what would have happened if a poor, unsuspecting patient had come across the hand. Trust me, anyone who's ever eaten real hospital food would only have been surprised that the hand didn't come served in gravy. Harris says, with forced optimism, that the hospital will be ready for the Jayko survey. Cutler tells Harris that it all falls on him and that if he fails, his résumé won't be worth a roll of toilet tissue. Harris rolls that bit of imagery around in his head while Cutler walks out to pass himself off as "Enrique" Cutler to a cute passing nurse. "What do you need?" Harris asks Price. His full co-operation, she says. "Full and unequivocal, like always," Harris says. Price projects disbelief about this remark in the form of Significant Eye-Roll Number Three, but takes what she can get. "Let's start at the top," she says. Ron Harris gets all ready to get bitched out by Dr. Cutler again, but it turns out she's still in character when she says it.

Cut to the hall where Dr. Turner is flagged down by Price. He's supposed to be at a Jayko planning meeting, but instead he's irresponsibly attending to medical emergencies in the ER. Well, if he can't make the meeting, she says, maybe he can meet with the house staff later. Turner says he'll try. Before she can walk off, he says "Lilian," and you know he's about to get all needy on her. He says that the last time they talked, he lost his temper. Her career goals are her own, and are none of his business. Ya think? She offers that she could have been more forthcoming about her career plans, even though they really are none of his business. He says she's doing her job at Angels of Mercy and getting it done, severed hands and all. He offers her a little patronizing pat on the elbow and walks off. "It's just..." she says, bringing him back. She says she feels like ever since she got to the hospital they've been on an emotional roller coaster. One day they're making out in the broom closet [Heather and I both go, "Whoa!"], the next they're at each other's throats. Or maybe it was that they were at each other's throats in the broom closet. These things can get confusing. Turner apologizes again, then gives her a look meant to melt the cold butter around her heart. He gives her a high five and tells her to give them Hell. Just not in the broom closet.

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