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Unhand Me

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Unhand Me

Cut to the night skyline over Angels of Mercy. Edwin O'Malley walks into Price's office where she's studying on the couch. He says something like "way to go, slugger," sounding like the voice over in the Smuckers Raspberry Preserves commercials. Price gets mad that he wanted to transfer the baby. He sits himself down, looking like Ted Kennedy after a bender. O'Malley plays with a little tiger from Price's desk and says it's no big deal since everything turned out all right. Price says it's not politics and O'Malley says it's all politics. O'Malley brings up her UCLA job, which everybody within a hundred-mile radius knows about. O'Malley tells her to start shopping for a condo in Westwood, which must be some kind of L.A. compliment. ["It is; Westwood is the pretty nice neighbourhood around UCLA." -- Wing Chun] Price looks annoyed when O' Malley says he can help her find an honest realtor.

Mr. Walker visits his recuperating wife. Turner watches outside the window as the husband asks Walker to wake up and give him the name of their child. Evyline chooses that exact moment to wake up. Mr. Walker walks out, sees the would-be rapist across the hall and completes his Change of Heart. "You know where I might find his people?" Mr. Walker asks Turner. Another big idea balloon materializes, but this one says, "It's okay." Walker gets out of an elevator and walks toward the parents, who look like they just want to run away. Mr. Walker apologizes. He was scared and angry. Now he sees that they're in pain too. This is all very therapeutic for everyone involved, I'm sure. Mr. Walker goes back to the elevator after the exchange gets sappy, and thanks Dr. Turner, who by this time is so tired, he thinks he's being thanked for helping the family genetically engineer their baby in Gattaca.

Turner finds Price in the abandoned cafeteria. They congratulate each other for their respective victories. Price says that everything turned out well for the Jayko preparations. Turner hints that Price should stay. Price says she's drinking tea because she hasn't had time to shop for any at home. Turner relays what happened with Mr. Walker, then demonstrates how the man took his wife's hand. Turner holds Price's hand, and Price doesn't look at all happy about it. Turner says that Mr. Walker told his wife that he loved her and would always be there for her. They hold hands like that on the cafeteria table. Anna walks in behind them and stops, heartbroken and sad. We fade to black and white on Turner The Cheater and Price The Ruthless Administrator.

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