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The Boiling Point

In the lounge, Turner greets Dr. Price. It's late at night. Turner says he had an "amazing" day. Things went well with Reon. Jackson wants to be a surgeon. And the hospital has inspired everybody. "We're lucky folks," Turner says, and then whispers into the camera, "please renew us." They walk into the hall where Turner has abandoned his usual Kufi hat for a pink Kangol. Price asks what happened with O'Malley. It would be funny if she asked did the doughy O'Malley come down with a yeast infection, but I admit, it's too easy. Turner says it was an accidental overdose and they let him loose. Price tells Turner about the infamous "shoe incident." "What's up with that?" she asks. "I don't know," he says. The elevator doors close, somebody wheels a patient down the hall, and we end.

Wait. This is a season finale. No cliffhanger? No dramatic ending? Oh, man. This show is in trouble.

And that's it. A season of City of Angels. We've laughed. We've tried to cry, honestly. We have admired the spectral glow that is Ron Harris. And I think I can honestly say, upon reflection, and after having watched all these episodes, that I'm gonna go back and watch that Salma Hayek commercial again. See ya.

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