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The Boiling Point

In another room, Ron Harris is ass-in-the-air gowned with his smooth head in a big fluffy cap. He's bald. Why does he need to wear one of those? Dr. Lu is about to lance the boil but good when Peeler and her troupe of like fifty nurses pile in. "Wait, wait!" Harris shouts, trying to cover his ass, except literally for once. Peeler says that it was Harris's idea to study all patients that come in as an educational experience. She tries to bargain the Palm Springs trip out of him. "I won't be blackmailed, Nurse," he says. "Do it, Henry!" Dr. Lu raises his knife. "Main thing, get out of the way," he says. Then some pus flies and a nurse yells, "Ew, gross!" I thought that part of those many years of nurse training was learning how not to yell "Ew, gross!" when stuff like that happens. Ron Harris buries his sweet head in shame.

Back in the Edwina O'Malley private hospital suite, Turner walks in. He tells O'Malley that he can take his puffy old self home. O'Malley sends out the bodyguard. "You didn't listen to me, Doctor," he says. He gives a little rant about Turner making a dangerous enemy. Turner says he doesn't like threats. "I'm not threatening. I'm telling," O'Malley whispers. He says he's survived all these years with his secrets intact. So many awards shows. So many South Pacific revivals. Turner's not gonna ruin that. O'Malley says he wants to get out of this "hell hole." Turner leaves, telling the bodyguard to call somebody else next time his boss OD's in his panties.

It's nighttime and still Ron Harris is at large. "I want Lynette Peller out of here," he growls at Price. Price agrees that she would probably be happy to leave. They yell back and forth. She calls him a jaded bureaucrat, he says she's been slumming it since Booty Call, yadda yadda yadda. She calls him on his worn-out platitudes. And then she brings out how Harris accidentally killed Dr. Max Fleischman. Oooh, burn. Price tells him he should nurture, not kill. "Help them, Ron. If the CEO won't, who will?" That shuts Harris up. Very temporarily, I assure you. He grudgingly decides to give Peeler a raise. You know, I liked Harris better as a Magnificent Bastard. Now he's like a Magnificent Waffle. Price wins this round, but boy does she not deserve it. Harris is sitting pretty, though, which he shouldn't be after that boil operation.

The Three Stooges, er, I mean Doctors Weiss, Williams and Jackson, are back for a little veiled homoeroticism as they come again to admire Reon King. Jackson reads the chart like a pro, giving special emphasis to "good urine," as if it's a French delicacy. Turner looks proud. The parents are back, and now they're just happy to have a son who's alive. The girlfriend comes back and this time Reon is happy to see her. "I love you and I'm gonna stand by you," she says. Um, bad choice of words. Reon says to thank Dr. Jackson. Dr. Jackson yells from the hallway, "He likes me, he likes me!" Turner leaves. Jackson leaves. Next scene.

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