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The Boiling Point

The guy that woke up Turner, Dr. (snicker) Carter, tells Turner that he thinks O'Malley is okay. Depressed and afflicted with psychosexual conflict, but generally okay. "I don't think he's suicidal," Carter tells Turner. Carter says there's no reason to keep O'Malley in. "He's anxious to see you, by the way. He says he owes you an apology," Carter says.

In the locker room, we've got a bare-chested Dr. Weiss, which is really nothing to get excited about. Jackson talks about trading tasks so he won't have to pre-op Reon. Just then Turner walks in. "What's this about?" he asks. Weiss says they're all bummed out about Reon. Jackson says he's nervous about seeing Reon. Jackson, who got shot a while back, says it makes him feel bad because he remembers his own injury. So what, there hasn't been a gunshot wound or car accident in the hospital since then? Jackson and Williams must have exchanged personalities because Dr. Jackson is looking more like the wuss-boy every day. Turner insists the doctors have to be there for poor Reon. In the course of this conversation, Dr. Turner has taken off his shirt. No real reason, but it is a significant plot point. You're welcome.

Jackson hesitantly comes in to visit with Reon. He clearly doesn't want to be there, but he tries to make conversation. Jackson starts reminding Reon about some of the great games he played. I try to call the cliché police, but they say they're already on their way to handling my first call and that if I'm that bothered, I should just file a police report. Reon remembers one time when he hit another guy on the field and he thought, "Boy, I hope I didn't break his neck." That one shuts up Jackson really fast. He changes the subject: "Is your mom a good cook?" Now he's thinking about not being able to feed himself. Then Reon starts to pass out. He says he feels woozy. Jackson scrambles and calls Dr. Turner. Reon gets really afraid. He can't see now. He screams, "Don't let me die! Don't let me die!" Turner is wearing his life-saving multi-rust-colored Kufi hat. It's the hat that says, "This football star won't die on my watch."

In surgery, Jackson asks a bunch of questions about where blood is flowing and where they're going to cut. They cut a lot. Like around the liver region and in the stomachal area. Up near the chestal cavity. Right around the spleenal divide. And then to the right where the belly button meta carpa has distended. Oh, I don't what the Hell I'm talking about. Just go to commercial already.

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