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The Boiling Point

After the break, we get uber-cool macho man Ron Harris, wiping sweat from his brow as he walks down the hall. Nurse Lynette Peeler accosts him. He sets his smooth phaser to "unreceptive." She asks about her raise and about the symposium trip for her nurses. Harris yells at her, turning himself into a human boil ready to burst. She counters that the symposium is world-renowned. Well, so is Ron Harris. He tells her that the patients who come in every day should be education enough. "Good day to you," he hisses, and walks off. "Good day to you too, sir," she mutters, "Ya old Billy goat." Somebody please give Peeler some better lines next season. When was the last time somebody called somebody else an "old Billy goat?" I think it was sometime during Sanford and Son's run.

Back in Ed O'Malley's private room. He hasn't redecorated the place, but give him time. A psychiatrist named Dr. Ethan Carter comes in. Wait, Dr. Carter? Are you kidding me? I think it's lovely how well City of Angels distinguishes itself from that other hospital show on NBC. Dr. Carter (and it pains me even to type that) sits down as the bodyguard exits, wondering what he should do about his other crazy client, Whitney Houston. O'Malley puts on a brilliant show, saying that he was humiliated by muggers and that he got carried away with his cross-dressing, his pain medicine, and the alky-hall. I keep wondering if O'Malley might get an endorsement deal with Michelin because his face looks just like a flat tire. O'Malley says that he only cross-dresses with other like-minded individuals. They put on little revues at his house and watch award shows just to make fun of the dresses. Edwina O'Malley says he wants to apologize for how he treated Dr. Turner. He abused the friendship and now he's sorry. I'd say Edwina abused the friendship when Turner had to help him out of his pantyhose.

The hilarious Dr. Lu runs into Nurse Peeler and tells her they've got a gluteal abscess coming in. Not just any abscess. This one is on the ass of a well-dressed, suave gentleman. It doesn't take Peeler long to figure out who that could be. It also helps that Dr. Lu tells her. "He wants it real hush-hush," Lu tells Peeler. That's understandable, she says, given his position. "His position is butt in the air," Lu says, "That baby is the boil that ate Detroit!" Would somebody please give Dr. Lu a spinoff? You could call it Time of Wu's Life.

In the Reon King room, Turner has come for a little friendly visit. He gets no love upon walking in. "The silent treatment?" he asks. "Yes! I mean, no!" Reon yells. Well, not really. I made it up. But it's funnier than silence, I think. Turner wipes Reon's brow. Then they start talking about inspirational football games. Of course, this isn't a cliché at all. And I'm not dialing the number for the cliché police. And they're not sending over a cliché paddywagon to lock these fools up. Not at all. Turner starts telling Reon that he can walk if he just has faith. Not millions of dollars worth of medical procedures, just faith. Turner pulls off the covers to "see what he's got." Ahem. He tells Reon to focus every bit of energy on his big toe. Turner goes face to toe. He yells and yells like a rabid coach. Turner gets to do some overacting here. Reon manages to wiggle his toe, defying all medical laws. Then he walks out with Turner into the hall, defying the laws of hospital protocol. Then the people in the hall applaud, defying their own better judgment. Then defying the laws of gravity, Reon and Turner start flying, holding hands. And then, what the HELL?! No, seriously. They're flying. Like, up, up and away. Oh, good lord. It's St. Elsewhere all of a sudden. Then Dr. Turner wakes up. I want to cry.

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