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The Boiling Point

Morning at the hospital. An Asian doctor with a heavy accent, Dr. Lu, says, comically, "Holy cow. That's one ugly ass boil." The boil in question is resting on the otherwise smooth ass of Ron Harris, Magnificent Bastard. Ron is bent over on an exam chair. "Hot as hell too," the doctor adds, "you could cook a pancake on that sucker!" I could elaborate and joke around here, but I think the scene plays brilliantly as a comedic duet on its own. Let's just enjoy it. The doctor says they'll have to drain it in the OR. "No, no, no, no!" Harris yells, getting up. Luckily, we don't get a patented Bochco Butt Shot here. The doctor says that Harris will be much happier with an anaesthetic in the OR. The doctor takes the thermometer from Harris' mouth. "101, Ron. We could strike oil down there!" Oh goodness, I've got tears rolling down my cheeks. Harris, visibly flustered beneath that suave exterior, says this has to be a very quiet procedure: one male anesthesiologist, two male nurses. That's it. Dr. Lu says he'll make all the arrangements. "Nobody but us ever gonna know it happened." Harris walks out, ironically, to go be a boil on the ass of society.

Dr. Turner walks in to Ed O'Malley's private room where he is eating out of what look like brown dog food bowls. O'Malley wonders aloud how the hospital ever got three stars in the Michelin guide. He asks Turner to close the door so they can talk, then close the curtain. O'Malley still has some red scratches on his visage from when he was attacked by thugs. O'Malley says "Barney" the bodyguard should never have called Turner. He hopes Turner will forget about the cross-dressing (as if that won't be emblazoned in Turner's memory on his deathbed) and now he just wants to be released. Turner says he can't release O'Malley: "I released you once against my better judgment and I won't do it again." Turner says that O'Malley has to see a psychiatrist because he's a danger to himself. Dr. Turner says that the mixture of drugs and alcohol could have killed him. O'Malley says that Turner is making a professional and personal error. And he says it maliciously, with salt poured on for good measure. Turner says he'll just have to live with that. Turner calls over the bodyguard to tell him that O'Malley is to see the psychiatrist. If O'Malley leaves before that, Turner will do nothing to keep the events of the night before from going public. Way to grab him by the pantyhosed cojones, Turner! "I am warning you, Doctor," O'Malley hisses. Then he exhales menacingly. Nuthin' but nose.

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