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The Boiling Point

In Reon's room, the parents and LaShonda are gathered around. Reon looks completely unhurt except for his crippling injury. I guess when he was thrown from the jeep, he landed directly on his spinal cord, leaving his face, arms and legs unscathed. Turner gives it to him straight: He tells the young man he suffered a bad neck injury. "So I'm gonna be down for a while, huh?" Reon asks. Well, if you define "a while" as fifty to sixty years, sure....The mother asks when he'll play football again. "Yeah, he's going pro," Dad says. Turner keeps his eyes on Reon. "Reon, I want you to prepare yourself for very bad news." He tells him that his spinal cord was severed. LaShonda looks away in pain. Turner tells him he's paralyzed. The parents ask in disbelief if he'll get his feeling back. Dr. Turner says it's very unlikely. "No, no, he's going to play ball again," his father says. Well, if you define "ball" as something other than a sport where you have to stand up, sure....Reon's mother seems to get angry and says that Turner is not the only doctor in town, as if a rival school put Turner up to this diagnosis. The father tries to bargain with God. He says they had one son who was shot dead and another in jail. Reon was their only hope. So he can't be paralyzed. Understand? "Now, Reon is going to play football," the father says angrily. God comes down and says, "Well, if you define 'play football' as something he could do as an activity in Heaven after he dies, sure...." The mother suddenly turns on LaShonda and yells at her: "What happened girl? How did this happen?" LaShonda recoils. Reon explains that he'd been drinking and asked LaShonda to drive. The mother yells again, asking why LaShonda didn't put a seatbelt on Reon if he was drunk. Turner calms them down. Reon takes center stage and asks if there's a one in a million chance he'll play again. Turner says he doesn't want to take his hope away, but it's not likely. "Like this show getting renewed," Turner adds, "this show could be around for a long time." Well, if you define "long time" as another 40 minutes, well....Reon gives a little speech about making it this far and not giving up. "What the next step, Doc?" he asks. Tomorrow is surgery to stabilize the spine. Then it's a long rehabilitation. Turner gets up to leave and we fade to black on Reon's anguished face.

Would some engineer please create a Touched By an Angel Chip (TBAA-Chip) so I don't have to watch Roma Downey's V-Chip commercial anymore?

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