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Memo to CBS: I will watch Falcone if: (a) somebody pays me; (b) you don't run it every night and make me miss seven episodes before I even know it exists; (c) the entire cast makes a guest appearance on The Sopranos; and (d) you somehow manage to make me forget that the movie Donnie Brasco ever existed.

We open on the L.A. skyline at night as the neon Angels of Mercy sign glows fictitiously. Dr. Jackson is in his leather jacket, carrying a backpack and getting ready to go home. He's accosted by Dr. Weiss and Dr. Williams, who want to bring him back to help out on some car crash victims. His surgery rotation is supposed to start tomorrow, but he figures he'll get a head start.

Inside the ER, Turner and Price greet each other with mutual "hey"s. She asks him about the house call he made to O'Malley's. She found out from sleek lover man Ron Harris, who asked her to do damage control with the press. Turner suggest that it wasn't an accidental OD. Price is surprised; why would a man who owns one of her shoes want to kill himself? A couple -- LaShonda and Reon -- who've been involved in a jeep crash are brought in. LaShonda seems okay except for some chest pain from the seatbelt. But Reon is in a big, yellow shoulder rig that makes him look like he's about to fight the mother monster from the end of Aliens. LaShonda starts screaming when he's brought in. He yells back, "It's okay, baby!" We find out that Reon was thrown from the jeep and he can't feel anything below his chest. Dr. Jackson looks on with interest. Dr. Turner takes Reon's hand and asks if he can feel it. Reon says all he can feel is some pain in his neck. Turner orders some steroid protocol from neurosurgery while Reon thinks, "Can I have some, too?" Turner tells him he may have suffered some trauma to the spinal cord. Jackson whips out of a pair of scissors and starts running them up and down Reon's feet. Turner takes him aside. "Are you trying to poke a hole in this man's foot?" he asks. Jackson says that this guy is Reon King, who plays for USC and has a rushing record. Just then Price walks up to tell them that the press is already calling. Turner tells her to pass on the bare minimum of info (we in the press thank you, Dr. Turner). She walks away as quickly as she came. Turner says he'll meet Jackson in the OR. "And Arthur," he says walking away, "welcome to surgery." Yeah, if the show gets cancelled, it'll be a one-week rotation.

In the CAT Scan area, Jackson, Turner and a few others are watching. Except for the spinal injury, Reon isn't too bad off. The girlfriend has already been discharged with some bumps and bruises. The image comes up on the computer and Reon's spine looks like part of a wishbone, post-wish. It's a complete spinal separation. My cat and I involuntarily wince. "I guess he's not going pro," Dr. Jackson says sadly. Turner sighs, rubs his eyes to show even deeper sadness, and says he's going to go talk to the family. Some other doctor asks the woman operating the computer to enlarge the image and give him more resolution. Then put it in Photoshop and put a nice Monet blur filter on it.

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