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Cut to Marvell who's signing the first in a lifetime of paperwork. Jackson comes in, looking like he wants to attack the boy. Marvell thanks him, but Jackson plays it cool saying that Price and Artiss are the reason he's free. "Don't think for a second you got one over on me," Jackson says. He is too intense.

Weiss is greeted by Grace who is out for what looks like a booty call. She thanks him and says first that she wants to buy him dinner. But what she'd really like to do, she says, is get take-out, bring it over, and that she'll forget about the food as soon as they're alone. Told you it was a booty call. She walks off and Weiss excitedly enters the ER. "Who needs healin'?" he yells.

Turner and Price meet up in Turner's swanky pad. They talk about their day, which Turner says was "enlightening." He says he's been thinking about his father, who was a lot like Papa Patterson. He was stubborn, prejudiced and a know-it-all. Turner's dad apparently died of an illness he never acknowledged and it makes Turner angry. Oh, and Price was there at the time, too. Turner starts to get emotional, saying he's been chased by those devils. Price says maybe those demons were slayed in Patterson's room. "Bury that devil, Ben," Price says. "Kick some dirt on that sucker and let him go," which is exactly what CBS is thinking about doing to this show if the ratings don't pick up. Fade to black and white on Price and Turner holding hands at the dining room table. End of the episode.

Next week, cry a little tear for me as I recap back-to-back episodes guest-starring Ossie Davis as a man who thinks he's the King of England. I kid you not. Pray for me.

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