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In the hallway, Thelonius is wheeling along a stretcher when he runs into super-suave administrator man Ron Harris. Harris gets suspicious when the dead body switches. He pulls back the sheet to reveal, bow wow, a dog. Hey Harris, I'll tell you where the real dog is -- here's a hint: it's bound and you had to memorize lines from it. Harris gets mad. Not ass-kicking mad, but pretty peeved. He says if the hospital's not dog-free in twenty minutes, Thelonius's career will be in the kennel. Nice one. Thelonius cell-phones some sort of reporter as he sneakily wheels away the dog.

Back in manhood training, Marvell is wheeled into the baby ward. Isn't anybody worried he's gonna shoot up the place? Artiss says he went through the same thing Marvell went through because he too grew up without a daddy. Price shushes them as their voices escalate. Artiss, who looks a little like Tupac, gets Marvell to say that he would kick his father's irresponsible ass if he were to walk through the hospital door. Ah, trick psychology. Marvell would only be kicking his own ass, so to speak. Artiss says that all Marvell got from his father was his anger, the "booby prize." Now, Artiss, I agree that Marvell got the booby prize, but I'm thinking it was a different booby, if you know what I mean. Can you back me up on that, Cheron? Price hands Marvell the baby. He grudgingly accepts it and calls it "Player." Cool, I think. Marvell is wheeled away soon after and starts asking questions about what he would do with a job. He doesn't want to wear a paper hat. I worked at Whataburger. I don't blame him. Artiss makes big, big promises and Marvell starts to accept it all. They run into Dr. Jackson in the hallway who slowly realizes that Marvell is the punk that shot him. He chases Marvell out of his wheelchair, attacks him and is forcibly taken away. Jackson is pretty mad.

Back in Price's office, Price, Jackson and Artiss talk about Marvell. Artiss explains the situation while Jackson says, "That son of a bitch shot me. I almost died." Very, very good points. Jackson wants Marvell to go to jail, but Artiss says that would be the easiest thing. Hey, Artiss, have you watched Oz lately? Artiss tries to talk Jackson into giving him Marvell. Jackson doesn't look convinced. He asks to be excused. Fade to black and white on Artiss and Price watching him leave.

Public service announcement: Never, ever, ever watch Walker, Texas Ranger. I can't imagine how it could be a good thing for anyone.

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City of Angels




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