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Turner comes in to Papa Patterson's room. He introduces himself and they seem to get along. Why no fight? Patterson says, "They're bringing in the big guns." Ha ha, impotency joke, I get it. Patterson, who's getting dressed to leave, calls the urologist (Doctor McShyster from before) an idiot. Patterson goes on about wanting to know he'll come out of the surgery and still be able to look his wife in the eye. Is that how he performs, sexually? Strange...Turner starts getting psychological, saying, "We as black men sometimes --" but he's cut off by Patterson saying, "Who's 'we'?" Patterson gives Turner a dressing-down similar to the one Price just received. Patterson angrily demands a guarantee again and says, "Courage comes easy to a man with a loaded gun." Turner disagrees: "Courage has got nothing to do with what's between your legs," Turner yells. He starts to leave. Patterson stops him. Tender fear-of-impotence moment between the two men. Patterson decides to go ahead and have the surgery despite his lack of courage. Turner will be in the OR with him. I'm still trying to figure out how Patterson all of a sudden likes black doctors. Fade to black and white on Turner, who's probably wondering the same thing.

The Swiffer boys are back in the Army barracks. My god, they love their barracks.

[Note on the following scene: Marvell talks in a mumbling, indistinct dialect that at one point gets so thick that Heather and I literally had to go back and turn on closed captioning just to understand what was going on. Just a warning. We're here to translate and enlighten.] In the hospital, Price brings with her a very elegant-looking man in a black leather jacket, Artiss Embry, who is here to educate Marvell on the ways of fatherhood. Marvell moodily says he doesn't want to be a father and they should let Cheron take care of it. Artiss says he can put Marvell in a program, help him get his G.E.D. and get him on a job in six months. Sound brilliant, right? But Marvell doesn't bite. True Marvell quotes: "You out yo damn mind" and "Three hots and a cot, huh? Hey, we all gotta do our time." Don't ask me, I'm just transcribing. Artiss knows that Marvell's dad ran out on him and that Marvell's been gangbanging. Artiss makes a convincing argument, but will Marvell take the bait? We'll just have to wait and see.

One man who's not worried about having three hots in a cot right now is Patterson, who's being prepped for surgery. Doctor McShyster and Turner come in. Turner has on his lucky impotency-fighting brown Kufi hat. They put the gas mask on him and ask him to count backwards from one hundred. "One hundred hots in a cot," he begins, "Ninety-nine hots in a cot..." as he gets sleepier and sleepier. Turner and Patterson hold hands in a supreme act of male bonding.

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