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Honda is saving the world by introducing an eco-efficient, hybrid-electric car that will sell millions of units because in the commercial it looks like a lime Pez dispenser. You're welcome, Earth.

Big change: The intro music has gone from the wailin' gospel vocals to an Elton John piano riff. Time to start your letter-writing campaigns. Bring the gospel back! In the hospital, an angry Marvell Preston ["a.k.a. Lesra from The Hurricane" -- Wing Chun] is talking to the cops and denying that he knows about a gun in the car. Heck, it's not even his car. Dr. Williams asks him to cough, which he does, right on the name of one of the episodes' co-stars. He leaves Marvell to squirm for the police.

Williams walks down the hall, passing by a nurse who looks just like Tempestt Bledsoe from The Cosby Show. He comes across a boy holding a cute mutt-y dog in his arms. "You gotta help me!" the boy cries, "My dog got shot!" The boy says some gang members were shooting and the dog bit it, so to speak. Williams agrees that the dog, Mike, looks pretty bad. The boy, Billy, is also bleeding. Williams offers to take the boy in the hospital and call a vet for the dog. The boy says there's no time. Williams says it's illegal to bring a dog into the hospital. Billy, a shrewd negotiator, says he won't come in without the dog. Williams tries to hide the canine under his scrubs in the most unconvincing dog-sneak in prime-time history. Williams sneaks the dog into a tiny exam room, asking Thelonius, the rainbow-shirt-adorned comic relief, for help. Thelonius says he loves all God's creatures, but this could get him fired. Williams assures him it won't. The dog just moans, wishing he could have gotten that Frasier gig so many years ago. Tempestt Bledsoe comes in and Williams talks her into helping even though she has the rest of the day off. The dog, who has a convincing-looking blood splotch on his hind quarters, whimpers. Tempestt doesn't want to get fired either and thinks the dog looks nothing like the one in Sounder whom she presumably would have helped. She leaves while Williams tries to attend to Mike, the dog that is now growling at him.

Price approaches Marvell, who looks angry and bitter despite having a nice, tasty IV drip in his arm. She tells him he is the father of a healthy seven-pound baby boy. He immediately squelches the happy news by denying that he's the father. Price retorts. He answers, "Ho's always tryin' to trap a nigga." Price gets all indignant: "What did you say?" Ron Harris approaches and tells Price she's late for a meeting with the health inspector. He is wearing, by the way, a dapper gold handkerchief in his breast pocket. Price says she's taking care of this case and wants to stay on top of it. The Harris we all know would have jumped all over that innuendo, but instead he's still peeved. Just as he's about to chew her out, he hears a dog's whimper. He thinks, "That's either a dog or Williams whining."

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