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Previously on Steven Bochco's Great Big 'Ol Headache: Dr. Geoffrey "Just Give Me The Grammy Already Because As Omar Has Pointed Out Like Fifteen Times Already I Look Just Like One of the Beastie Boys" Weiss learned that his main squeeze Nurse Patterson's black dad is racist against white boys like him. He also learns that Patterson's mother was a white hippie girl who only dated Papa Patterson to infuriate her parents. Dr. Arthur Jackson is treated in his own hospital after getting robbed and shot on his way home. This was a while back because lately, he's been up and around just fine. In an extended flashback, Weiss confronts Patterson's dad about his prostate trouble at his own home. He also implies that the man may already be impotent. This is not what you tell your girlfriend's dad if you want him to eventually spring for the wedding.

We start straight up in the ER where Dr. Lilian Price comes in to help out her honey, Dr. Ben Turner. They've just cleared a bus full of patients, and Turner is just cruising along, charm and good looks intact. Price says the health inspectors are coming after an anonymous call tipped them off to overcrowding in the hospital. Price gets way unprofessional by saying that any time Turner needs help on early calls, he can just roll over and nudge her. How come Williams, Weiss and especially Ron Harris don't get this special roll-over assistance?

Just then, Marvell Preston, age eighteen, is wheeled in along with his girlfriend after a car accident. Turner takes Marvell while Price goes to look after the girl, Cheron Green. Cheron says it hurts, it hurts and that it feels like she has to go to the bathroom. Dr. Williams asks, "Can you describe it?" because she just did. Williams thinks it's something very complicated, but Price, who happens to be female, corrects him: The girl is pregnant. Good call, Price. Price says, "Cheron, you're about to have a baby." The curtains are drawn, and all of a sudden, Price is gowned and transformed into Vivica A. Price: Ob/Gyn Woman. It seems like all the women are assisting while Turner, Williams, Marvell and several random male nurses stand around and stare at the birth canal. This girl didn't know she was supposed to be having a baby, and when it finally comes out, it doesn't look a day premature. Price is that good. "Congratulations, it's a boy," Price says while the camera shoots from way overhead in some weird, reverse Lion King shot. We cut to opening credits and commercials.

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