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Cry Me A Liver

Previously on Minorities in a Hospital on the CBS Network:: Dr. Lilian Price shook hands with Emerald Jordan, a Johnny Cochran-type lawyer to whom she gives the cold shoulder; a priest heard from Dr. Ben Turner that Turner doesn't believe in miracles (the priest said he'd pray for Turner, but then he's supposed to, now, isn't he?); Lilian and Ben Turner, who used to be engaged, finally got it on again in Dr. Turner's tastefully decorated pad. As you'll recall, last week Turner took off his shirt and half of the City of Angels viewing audience (about six people) swooned openly. This week, we'll see a hooker, an impotent man and the sneaky Ron Harris. It's not a set-up for a joke, it's this week's episode, "Cry Me a Liver."

My good friend Heather was able to make it over this week to watch, and immediately notices Bamboo Heather, the puppet I made last week out of bamboo and granite to take Heather's place.

Heather: Is that the puppet?
Omar: Yeah.
Heather: Are you gonna keep her there on the couch all damn night?
Omar: [long silence]
We open the episode on a black and white skyline, which comes up color on the hazy orange of an L.A. morning. We come in on the Los Angeles County Courthouse. Emerald Jordan, the lawyer, is talking to jurors, asking what they would do if they were to wake up one morning and find they were physically unable to have sex. The jurors, many of whom look as if no one would be physically able to have sex with them, act very sympathetic, if not exactly understanding of the concept. Jordan says that this is what happened to his client, Amos Sotheby, a sad-looking shell of a man whose wife sits behind him in a bright blue dress, fanning herself as if there were no such thing as air conditioning. Jordan says that the impotence was caused when the man was having a hernia operation performed by Dr. "Just Got Down With Vivica A. Fox" Turner. The lawyer goes on to say that it was caused by an anesthesia procedure gone wrong, causing clinical impotence. Turner sits, unflinching, with super-sneaky suave administrator Ron Harris and a lawyer who looks like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all grown up. Jordan says the Sothebys have been robbed (the couple, not the auction house) by doctors who have the nerve to call themselves Angels of Mercy. Nice wrap-up. Turner's lawyer, Carlton, gets up and says (I'm paraphrasing here): "Uh, we didn't do it." Turner asks, "That's it?" Harris says it's short and sweet, which is the kind of thing you don't want overheard when it's an important malpractice suit involving impotence.

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