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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

Back to Mabry and his hatchet. He's asking to see his son. Williams tries to stall for time, but Mabry is quick: He grabs the hatchet handle and says he'll end it right now. Dr. Wussy Williams caves like Batman's lair and goes to get Leon.

Jackson enters the padded room to take Leon to his father. He ruins the fun immediately by asking what Leon would do if his father died. Leon reacts in horror and denial. Jackson offers to take Leon to see dad. Jackson and Leon have another nice moment as Jackson makes friends with the larger man. "Pals," Leon says, all Of Mice and Men-style. They hold hands as they walk out of the padded room.

Leon is led in to see his father. Much heartwarming ensues as the two bond over Leon's new friend. Mabry even says hello to Steggy because he's just that kind of dad, lobotomy or not. Leon plays with his dad's hand. Mabry says he can't feel it, and immediately the doctors scramble because he's bleeding intercranially. Leon starts screaming and crying. Jackson grabs his hand and calms his down as they wheel Mabry to surgery. Fade to black and white on Jackson comforting Leon.

In the operating room, Williams is taking over. He cuts out a flap of skull and starts examining. That's all we get.

Price walks into the dapper offices of Ron Harris where Wilford Brimley is waiting. He goes on a rant about everything that happened, being careful not to mention his amazing flatulence. After a rant about the "Kafkaesque" filing system and all of the flaws of the hospital, he does a little turnaround and says how it's the best damn dirty, inefficient, creaky hospital he's ever seen, even if one of their surgeons is a little bit wussy for his taste. How reassuring for the patients. "Only a fool would shut you down," he says, while I'm wondering how big a fool you'd have to be to get treated there. He congratulates Price for winning accreditation. She gives a big, happy sigh of relief. "Fix everything before I come back or I will shut you down," he says, and goes off to ride into the sunset of character-acting history.

Williams is still at it, and even offers to step aside to let a more experienced surgeon take over. Williams gets to keep going, and he removes the hatchet himself. There's not much bleeding, so things go smoothly. Williams checks the man's sinuses via the back of his head, and closes up. Score one for Williams.

Price is in her office as the window tells us it's nighttime. Edwin O' Malley stops in to dispense with the few lines he's been given. He congratulates Price on the accreditation and tells her to start packing for UCLA. Price has an official change of heart because she's happy, even making half the money than she would at UCLA. She says she doesn't care about that and that she loves working at Angels of Mercy. O' Malley blathers about watching people's train of life derail. Price says she's made her decision and as O' Malley walks out (residual check secured? check), Price looks content.

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