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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

We come back to find Dr. Price walking down the hall with one of the non-Wilford Brimley members of the accreditation team. She's going on and on about paper-pushing things she's changed in the hospital. The gist: "Efficient, departments, re-organized, multi-disciplinary, teams." Even the accreditation guy looks like he's about to doze off. He says it doesn't mean anything if there are no numbers to back up her changes. In fact, it doesn't mean anything at all. Vivica just needed a few more lines this week.

Price runs into Turner in the hallway. She mentions that in the morning meeting, she messed up: Anna never actually missed her assignment. She was working till dawn the week before when she was supposed to be with her ex-boyfriend. Turner agrees to apologize to Anna on behalf of Price. Anna looks on the call assignment board and it says "Busted!" next to her name.

Turner goes in to see Anna immediately and sees a bouquet of roses on her desk. There's a card from some guy named "Reggie." Turner is smart; he knows he's been duped. Turns out "Reggie" was some guy Anna went to elementary school with. She just wanted to get Turner's attention. Turner gets mad that he's been lied to, but Anna has justification: "It's not about lying, it's about loving." Anna is fed up trying to get Turner's attention, but she can't get past the fact he's in love with Dr. Lilian Price. Whoa, it took her two years to figure that one out? She says she won't be Turner's lapdog. He acts very stoic and says he's sorry if he caused her any pain, because that makes it all better, right? Anna exits, while Turner considers taking the roses and giving them to Dr. Price.

Back in the padded room (which has a window -- doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?), Leon is wandering around while Dr. Jackson discusses the fate of Leon and Hatchet Dad with Mabry's estranged sister. She says that what'll happen to Leon is that he'll be in a state institution until he is released, whereupon he'll kill someone or somebody will kill him. Auntie is not exactly a cup of sunshine today. She says that Leon is violent and has no idea of his own strength. There's no way she's taking care of him. Over the years, she'd begged Mabry to put the boy in a home, but he never did and now it's too late. "He loved that boy so much he destroyed him," she says, "it's too late now." She walks off. Jackson stops her, asking if she wants to see Mabry. She says that she loves her brother, but she doesn't like him because he's a stubborn old jackass. A stubborn old jackass with a hatchet in his head.

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