City of Angels
Ax And Ye Shall Receive

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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

In a commercial, John Goodman is pitching a big, greasy bacon cheddar Whopper. That's where the angiogram should be going. Roma Downey is using her scary eyebrows to convince parents to use the V-chip.

We come back to a padded room. Literally, a padded room where Dr. Jackson enters to see Leon, who is huddled in a corner in hopes of inhaling a little bit of Angelina Jolie from Girl, Interrupted. No, wait. That would be me. Anyhoo, Dr. Arthur Jackson takes a deep breath, then introduces himself. Jackson brings out the Stegosaurus toy and slowly brings it to Leon, who grabs it with one of his restrained hands. "Steggy," Leon says, laughing. Leon asks if he has to go to jail. Jackson says he doesn't know, but offers to undo the restraints. There's a tense moment where it looks like he might attack Jackson, but instead he happily throws his arms around Jackson. Jackson asks if they can be friends. Leon responds by playfully growling at Jackson, gesticulating with Steggy. A nicely acted scene follows with Jackson asking about dinosaurs, a subject Leon knows a lot about. Leon says that his dad has germs just like the ones that made the dinosaurs extinct. "My daddy gonna die and I hafta go to Boys Town." Okay, by this point, both Bamboo Heather and I are getting a little teary-eyed. Bamboo Heather offers me a Kleenex, but I don't need it yet. Jackson continues asking about the germs and about the hatchet attack. Leon gets all fidgety and shushes himself. Leon says he's not supposed to talk or he'll get a whuppin'. "Who whips you?" Jackson asks. Leon breaks down, saying his dad did it because he was bad. Bamboo Heather starts crying, little pieces of bamboo falling off and littering the couch. Leon says he was scared and didn't mean to do it. "Do what?" Jackson asks. Leon was going to get sent away because his father couldn't take care of him anymore. So he got scared and mad and hit his father with the hatchet "on a accident." Jackson looks surprised and sad, but holds it together much better than that surgery wuss Dr. Williams. Leon blubbers some more. Jackson tells him he doesn't have to go to Boys Town. Leon cries, "Don't let him die, don't let him die," and now everybody in my house, from the Bamboo Heather puppet to the cat, is crying. A telemarketerr calls to sell me some long-distance service and she starts crying. It's emotional, is all I'm sayin'.

Speaking of crying wusses, we go to Williams, as he and Jackson sit in with Mabry the Whuppin' Hatchet Dad on a police interview. Mabry maintains that he was whacked by a burglar and that whatever his son says is a lie. Except the part about not letting Dad die. That should be noted as truth. Jackson rolls his eyes. Mabry doesn't know what the burglar looked like, what with it being dark and the fact that he just had an unauthorized lobotomy and all. Jackson says that Leon was making lots of sense, but Mabry denies everything. The cop says "best for the boy, best for the boy" and Mabry says "deny, deny, deny." The cop leaves, frustrated, ("donut, donut, donut"), so Jackson is left with Daddy Hatchet. "Your son has a good heart, but I believe he did this to you," he says. Mabry tells Jackson to mind his own beeswax, but Jackson knows a secret: Mabry has prostate cancer. Untreated prostate cancer that has had two years to develop. Mabry says he was just hoping he would get better by himself and that Leon can't live alone. The doctors wheel Mabry away for a CT while Jackson does some power emoting, showing the conflict of a doctor who desperately wants to do the right thing. Or it could be that he forgot his next line. One of the two.

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City of Angels




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