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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

Wilford Brimley is talking to Nurse Peeler and her staff. Pointing to a jar of candies, he says that there should be no food outside of the cafeteria and on patient trays. Peeler says that since the jar is sealed and the candy individually wrapped, she thought it would be all right. Wilford takes a lollipop and eats it. Dr. Brimley points out a surgical board that's hanging in the hallway for all to see. He says it's a violation of privacy where anybody could see that a patient is having a testicle removed. He says to remove the board from view immediately. Other than that, the department passes. Peeler and the other nurses give each other high-fives. Then they groan: "Oh no, it's the ultra-dapper Ron Harris and he's coming this way." Harris asks how it went. They tell him. He says of the board, "Move it, dammit, move it!"

Next up is the morgue, where Wilford Brimley, Wendell the morgue attendant and Connie Guatarama, the sassy assistant, are going through procedures. Little-known fact revealed: Bodies without toes are difficult to toe-tag. Good to know. Wilford Brimley finds a sandwich in a drawer. He asks if he can eat the pickle. Dr. Brimley looks in the freezer and asks for the files of the four bodies. Connie opens a big, messy file cabinet. Wilford takes a bag of chips she's holding and starts eating. He tells her he read a story about a pig that was accidentally sent to a mortuary recently (two episodes ago, to be exact). He starts chewing them out (along with the chips) over their disorganization. Connie asks for her bag of chips back. She goes all Rosie Perez on him: "You-are-eating...all of my po-ta-to chips!" She calls him a fatso, too. Wilford Brimley gets mad, pointing a finger at her, and mispronouncing her name "Guantanamera," before he starts gasping and holding his chest. He says they need to call the ER because he's having a heart attack. Connie calls in the heart attack only to be greeted with laughter. Ha ha, morgue humor.

Price, Weiss and Patterson are gathered around Dr. Brimley as he clutches an oxygen mask and does his best Dennis Hopper impression. Brimley is very belligerent, refusing to be treated by trainees and demanding the Chief of Surgery. Harris walks in with Turner, who is sporting a nice Kufi hat with a brown diamond patttern. Turner takes charge. Harris says they'll run lots of tests. Wilford Brimley, who sounds like he's all hopped up on sugary oatmeal, demands an angiogram and threatens to shut the hospital down if he doesn't get one. Harris takes Turner aside and says to give the man what he wants. If the man dies, Harris reasons, they'll get a bad grade. Turner acquiesces. Harris says it's the worst day of his life, just as they wheel Mabry the Hatchet Man by. "I think his is worse, Ron," Turner says. Harris thinks, "He may have a hatchet in his head, but even worse, he's not ultra-dapper like me." Fade to ultra-dapper black and white.

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City of Angels




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