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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

The full Artist Formerly Known as Prince "Gett Off" wail accompanies the opening credits. When we come back from commercials, Dr. Price is addressing a meeting of the hospital staff in preparation for the big Jayko accreditation. If the last two episodes are any indication, Price gives more speeches than George W. Bush and John McCain combined. She reminds everybody to be as anal as she is, and not to forget about their call assignments. "A certain individual in pedes...Dr. Syfax" crossed her name on the sheet and forgot to tell anybody. Way to discuss personnel issues in front of the whole staff. Because Dr. Anna Syfax is the woman currently competing with Price for the attentions of Dr. "You'll be seeing my new Kufi hat later in the episode" Turner, this may be a public catfight. Anna responds by saying she didn't know about it and wants to know if there were any problems. Price says there weren't, but that this is the kind of thing that could sink the ship. Dr. Turner sits back and enjoys the glow of being the most sought-after surgeon among the ladies. Ben Turner and Anna Syfax exchange looks as the meeting comes to a close.

Walking down the hall, Turner asks Anna about the missed call assignment. Anna says that something came up and it slipped her mind. Let's see -- undergraduate work, four years of medical school, three years of residency and it "slipped your mind"? Even Bamboo Heather is getting suspicious. Ever suave, Turner asks Anna where she was last Thursday. She comes clean, saying she was having dinner with an old boyfriend. Turner fails to come remotely close to telling her what broom closet he was in last Thursday. Anna says that it was a last-minute thing and she didn't think Turner would mind. "As long as it stays secular," he says. Anna doesn't even blink at that one. Instead, she says that while nothing happened, the conversation was serious. Her ex-boyfriend had moved to Indiana before they could get engaged and now he's back. And he wants to settle down. With. Her. (Note to Dr. Turner: this is what's called a jealousy play. I read about it in The Rules. Pick up a copy.) Anna says that the conversation got her thinking and after two years with Dr. Turner, she's not sure where they're going. Turner says, "I guess we have to talk about this," as if he's not too eager to schedule "relationship time" in his Palm Pilot. He promises to make time for it, she says he never does, and then his pager conveniently goes off. Must be one of those new "Relationship Bailout Pagers For Men" I see advertised in Maxim. Turner starts walking off as Anna boards the elevator. He says, "Later," as she crosses her arms and shakes her head, smiling. She's thinking, "I don't care how he treats me, I just want to hear about how good he looks shirtless on page three of this recap."

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