City of Angels
Ax And Ye Shall Receive

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Ax And Ye Shall Receive

(None of these things are actually said, but this scene is about using your imagination to get the most out of this brief, but tasteful Blair Underwood make-out scene.)

Hello, Lilian. You're looking...well. Well, well, well. Come on in. Wine? I just happen to have a bottle open. Music? Oh, I just happen to have some Stevie Wonder playing. Something I could do to cheer you up? Oh, I forgot, you won the accreditation today, good for you. Well, now that all that's out of the way, I think I'll just put aside this interior monologue and actually say something. "What's going on?" Turner says, and yes, Marvin Gaye is smiling somewhere up in heaven. Turner and Price talk about the accreditation thing and each compliments the other on the day's massive success. Turner brings up UCLA. She says she turned it down. "I'm in love, Ben," she says, which perks him up considerably. "I'm in love with Angels of Mercy," she continues. Turner looks understandably disappointed, because why would anybody choose a crummy old hospital over a sexy, hunky Chief of Surgery? Turns out she's not choosing at all. "And I'm in love with you...Ben Turner," she says, turning on her best, seductive gaze as Turner gulps his wine in surprise. Turner puts his wine down, pulls Price over and thus begins some kissing. Each scene is supposed to be its own paragraph, but let's be honest: Turner is about to take off his shirt and every lady I know would consider that its own scene. So...

Kissing from the left angle. Kissing from the right angle. Price helps Turner remove that starchy, hot, itchy shirt and we see Ben Turner/Blair Underwood in all his unshirted glory. You know what? Nice torso. The kissing becomes more frenzied as Turner and Price twist around, still standing. The light plays delicately off of Turner's sculpted arms. Price runs her hands down Ben's chest, channeling the desire of every single woman and a few single men I know. We cut to a wider shot of the two in an embrace. Turner turns her (tee hee) toward the couch and carries her down onto it as we fade to black and white over Stevie Wonder's gorgeous voice. Bamboo Heather is thoroughly distraught that the scene is over, but she still manages to light a cigarette. Some of her bamboo catches fire and I have to stamp her out with a magazine.

Blair Underwood: The world thanks you.

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City of Angels




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