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At the hospital, all the black doctors are gathered around the recovering white racist cop as if they're going to kick him around a bit. Instead, they reveal a quite neat scar on his leg. The cop looks very, very uncomfortable. He asks Turner for a quick word. What follows is a bizarre, hackneyed attempt at racial conciliation that ends (to paraphrase Harlan Ellison) like sex with the pantyhose still on: Unsatisfying. The cop argues that he has to protect himself from the criminals out there. Turner asks, "How do I protect myself from you?" Arguments range from "there's a war going on out there!" to "is that the price to pay for being black?" Turner says he has no time for lame excuses and gives a spiel about treating all his patients like human beings. The cop points out that Turner has to be enjoying being in his current position of power over the ailing police officer. Turner gets the last word by saying that if he needs treatment later, not to call for "Doc" or "Leroy." Instead, ask for Dr. Benjamin Turner, and he'll come running. Got that, ladies? "Dr. Benjamin Turner," and he'll come running straight to your house.

Later in Turner's office: Price walks in to possibly do one last big of damage to her credibility before the day is done. She mentions the cop and Turner cynically says he gave the man a lecture in Racism 101. Turner says that he likes working at the hospital because within those walls, he earns respect. Outside, he's just a man who gets stopped by cops. Price apologizes for "being right," which doesn't sound like an apology at all. She says that's how she lost Turner the first time and she doesn't want it to happen again. They kiss and all is forgiven. I mean, except for the racist cop that everybody still hates. They agree to go eat at Lucy's. "But I'll drive," Price says. Oh dear lord, please let this be the end of the episode. "Funny," Turner mutters and I pray that he will be offered some sort of movie contract where he doesn't have to listen to Vivica's lame line reads.

They exit, and Steven Bochco's name comes up as I breathe a sigh of relief. End of episode, end of ham-handed handling of racial issues. See you next week when an ethical debate ensues (no joke) over treating a dog in the hospital. Can't wait. ["You don't have to: It was on ER like three episodes ago." -- Wing Chun] Oh, and don't forget to add your Ron Harris haiku to the graveyard-like forums. Post well and often.

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