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In the OR, the doctors start comparing notes on times that they've been stopped by cops for being black. Turner tells his story, Williams tells another story and the consensus is it's happened to all of them. Nurse Peeler tells the most dramatic story about being stopped and humiliated by a cop at a mall. "Up yours, Officer Elliott," she tells the unconscious man on the table. "Amen," Williams says. This, I imagine, is much better than group therapy. Turner asks for music and some anti-cop rap music is played. Amen, I think. Fade to black and white on Turner bobbing his Kufi-adorned head to the music.

Night in the city: We come in to Ed O'Malley's administrative wonderland office where Price is bitching about the dirty trick Ron Harris pulled in that meeting. O'Malley, who is packing it in for the night, has a sudden change of character. He tells her he warned Price about Harris and then rails on her for asking him to fight all of her battles. "Don't come running to daddy every time you get a bloody nose," he tells her, bluntly. Screw daddy -- I'm quite sure that if Vivica ever got a bloody nose, there's be like fifteen makeup people there in a second to fix it for her. O'Malley exits, leaving Price behind to sulk.

At Papa Patterson's house, Dad opens the front door to find a stray Beastie Boy -- er, "Dr. Weiss," there. Papa Patterson says Weiss isn't allowed in, even if Papa Patterson did kind of like "Hey Ladies." Weiss counsels Dad on what the PSA level means and says that unless he has the rectal exam he'll never know for sure. Weiss acknowledges that Patterson may require surgery. "Are you afraid of impotency?" Weiss asks, as if there is a man walking the earth who is totally okay with the concept. Patterson comes outside and tells Weiss to keep his voice down. They go back and forth until Weiss mentions Papa Patterson's wife and daughter. He smarts off at the mouth quite a lot and goes so far as to say that the man is already impotent even without the surgery (metaphorically speaking). Stepmama Patterson comes outside, greets Weiss, and asks if he wants to join them for dinner. Weiss risks the wrath of Papa by accepting the invitation and walking smugly into the house.

Dinner at the International House of Awkward Conversation: Weiss compliments the cook while Papa Patterson glowers. Papa brings up the urologist that Weiss mentioned. He grudgingly agrees to an exam, then abruptly leaves the table. Nurse Patterson and Weiss walk outside, where she is ecstatic. Looks like they're a happy couple again. She expresses hope that things will get better. She also likes the fact that Weiss has guts. So do I -- heck, let's all just give Weiss a big hand. He's a great guy and he can rap the mike like none other. They hug. Again.

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