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Ya'll Are Brutalizin' Me

Cut to Nurse Patterson and Dr. "Brass Monkey" Weiss. They spot Dr. Fleishman and she says he's performing her dad's physical based on Papa Patterson's "criteria." "What are the criteria?" he asks, "must be a Civil War vet?" (Note from the screenwriter: Ageism is okay, too.) Nurse Patterson approaches Fleishman, who is holding a chart in one hand and a pen in the other. The hand with the pen is still wrapped in a rubber glove and fully lubricated. Yucko. He explains what happened with her dad's refusal to submit to know. His PSA test (which denotes prostate trouble) is bad and Papa Patterson's already left. Weiss looks at the chart and they both agree that it doesn't necessarily mean cancer. Weiss says her dad needs to come back. Patterson looks like she's at the end of her rope and begins to cry. Weiss offers to talk to him; after all, he's male and white. They hug, for all the wrong reasons.

On the way to their $20 million meeting, Turner stops Price and asks why she talked to Ed O'Malley. Turner said the call accomplished nothing. He sounds very angry that she did exactly what he asked her not to. Turner says he doesn't like feeling that his mother is fighting his battles. Price acts upset, which is to say she purses her lips like Renee Zellweger and resolves to pick up some books on Freud on he way home.

In the meeting, Price says the hospital should buy a new CT scanner. She explains why, but even the hospital staffers glaze over with boredom. Ron Harris pulls a sneaky one by saying she's being presumptuous. Lilian looks crushed. Harris says they need something more visible, like a tacky outdoor elevator for which he happens to have a mock-up. Price and Harris argue, but you know the sneaky, dapper man will win. Turner gets paged and runs to the ER.

In the ER, Turner is told a cop got shot at the riot. He goes to see who it is, and thanks to the wonder of modern television writing, he finds it's the same cop who brutalized him that same morning. Don't that just beat all? The cop doesn't remember Turner. Selective Racist Amnesia, I believe it's called. Turner reminds him and all of a sudden the man is very intimidated. "I don't want you for my doctor," he says. Turner says he doesn't have any choice. So this is what they call "managed care." Turner tells the man that he needs vascular surgery and that nobody else is around to perform it. If he is transferred or waits for another doctor, he'll lose a leg. The man asks what the chances are that he will wake up from the surgery. "Do you honestly think I would jeopardize my career for someone like you?" Turner asks. "Do it," the racist cop says. On his way to OR, Turner runs into Officer James, the black cop who stood idly by that morning. Much dirty looking is exchanged.

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