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Turner enters the ER where he's told three gunshot victims are on the way. A police officer who just happens to be hanging around asks Turner for a moment of his time. Turner looks really busy. The officer says he is apologizing on behalf of the LAPD and that any damage to Turner's car will be reimbursed. "Ed O'Malley send you?" Turner asks. Everybody else in the ER is starting to notice what's going on. Turner still looks very busy. The cop says he's there to discuss car theft, because it's an epidemic. Turner argues, distractedly, snatching a clipboard away from Dr. Weiss. He says he ran a yellow, not a red light. This show is all about distinctions based on color. Turner protects Scotty by saying that nobody heard the white officer call him "Leroy" except Turner himself. The new cop gets tired of listening and moves to leave. By the way, they're dropping the charges for running the red light. So what are you saying, Steve Bochco? LAPD are scum, but NYPD are cool, complex and "Blue"? Nice. Very nice.

Turner goes from looking busy to looking pissed off. The Korean son of the store owner who shot the Old Navy girl earlier (justifiably just based on the commercials, if you ask me) is brought in with his own bloody stomach wound. A young black man is brought in about the same time and the two start yelling racial epithets at each other as Turner tries to calm things down by shouting. The two young men end up wrestling on the ground. Turner breaks it up, then he loses it, big time. He yells at everyone: "Doctors, patients, cops, black, white, Korean, I don't care who you are, everybody shut your damn mouths!" I never knew Blair Underwood had it in him. Yegads. After some awkward silence, Williams punctures the mood when he mutters, "Can't we all get along?" I hear the entire city of Los Angeles groan from outside my window and I live in Texas. Weiss whispers, "Not today," and we mercifully fade to black and white on some stupid-ass screenwriting.

Back at the hospital, the Colonel Sanders-looking doctor (Doctor Fleishman) is treating Papa Patterson. He looks older than Elizabeth Taylor's first promise ring. Fleishman tells Patterson to get on his side and expose his buttocks for know. As Fleishman goes to wash his hands, Patterson says he wants to skip know...portion of the exam. Fleishman doesn't hear him. He puts on a glove and pours some nasty-looking lubricant into his hand. The entire city of Los Angeles would be wincing right now, but they changed the channel during the commercial.

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