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Now they're walking. Wow, this teleplay just connects the dots for us. Price rattles off a list of things the hospital needs, like more beds and more clergy (how about a clergy bed? You push a button and it prays for you!). Harris tells Price to call an advisory meeting that afternoon. She's interrupted by Price's pager. Harris and Price both have a nice moment together before Lilian walks off. It won't last.

Price comes in on Papa Patterson who is wearing his little hospital gown. He looks disturbed to see her and even more disturbed to learn she's performing his physical. Papa says, in a fumbling, embarrassed kind of way, that he had a specific appointment with the other doctor that his daughter set up. He name-drops Grace and says he would prefer a male doctor. Price seems okay with that and goes to call a male doctor, but not before Papa Patterson asks if the doctor is black or white. She says, reassuringly, that the doctor is black. Patterson says that he would prefer a doctor who is male and white. Price looks confused. An awkward pause follows. She seems to accept it, then goes to arrange it, but her self-righteousness gets the best of her. She comes back and asks Patterson why he feels the way he does. She tells a story about a friend of her father's who didn't want to see black doctors either; the man thought black doctors didn't get as good an education as white doctors. She fails to mention that black actors on shows like this don't seem to get as good scripts as the white actors on ER. She asks if Patterson will give her more insight. He goes from embarrassed to annoyed (a common reaction to the cyclone of prissiness that is Dr. Lilian Price) and says it's how he grew up and what he's accustomed to. Price says, "I hear it, but I still don't get it." So let's recap: In Price's medical world it's okay to be sexist and reverse-racist, but not regular-racist. I hear it, but I still don't get it.

Cut to Price and Nurse Grace Patterson looking at a clipboard and searching for an available white doctor. Nurse Patterson apologizes and Price says it's okay; her dad is a little kooky too. Price says she'll call Doctor Max Fleishman (a.k.a. Mr. Shorofsky) and that in the meantime, Nurse Patterson should run some tests. She mentions the $20 million windfall and how she has to find ways to spend it. Patterson says she has some ideas, which Price tells her to write down.

In another hallway, Price gives Nurse Lynette Peeler a promotion to director of nursing. She seems surprised. Price says Peeler's youth is no impediment to her getting the promotion, and that Peeler will get a nice pay raise. Price is spending her chickens before they hatch. Or some such metaphor.

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